That's what it takes to set an impactful winning window display! And that's just what Eddie Ross is in the progress of accomplishing for this years Bloomingdales Big Window Challenge.

THE VISION: A Modern Woman
Designer: Eddie Ross for ELLE DECOR

The space is designed for a media mogul and mother of two.
An eclectic mix inspired the space. "This signature space will shimmer with a mix of classic and modern, new and old, together with a balance of bold patterns and vibrant colors. A spatter-paint print, like stars in an endless sky, will reflect the owner’s love of travel to wide-open spaces, and her passion for sparkling evenings at home, entertaining friends and family." ER


Tweeting his way through cyberspace yesterday, Eddie and his partner Jaithan followed through on the process of executing the plan. Unloading decorative accessories, installing fixtures, gathering materials, and some minor problem solving, were all a part of day one of his installtion to represent ELLE Decor magazine in this years challenge.

ALL tweetpic photos by Eddie Ross. Follow the progress on twitter.

What about he other two contestants? Eileen Joyce, Bloomingdale's Operating Vice President Interior Design and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, Founder,, founder of Apartment Therapy... they have a vision and plan:

Eileen's vision is "designed for a sophisticated travel magazine editor: an Urbane Traveler. Eileens inspiration for her vision is a New York City apartment-inspired space for this sophisticated travel magazine editor who is also a collector of objects from around the world." EJ

Eileens Plan:

Maxwell's vision is a "space designed for a writers romantic super. A writer's library inspired by a male friend is the setting for a romantic dinner for a female guest. The room will be dark and manly, piled high with books, and feature items collected from far off travels. The side walls will be painted with faux bookcases. The key decor inspiration will be focused from the large leather RALPH LAUREN chair, wallpaper and funky, steampunk style from Michele Varian's shop on Crosby." MGR

photo by Maxwell

Maxwell's "writer's chair": The starting point of his vision.
Because it's so big and cozy the plan for the room is based around it.

photo by Maxwell

Juliska glassware from Bloomies was another inspiration
to set for the suprise dinner setting on the coffee table,

Maxwell's plan:

drawn by Maxwell

Having a vision is one thing... Coming up with a plan is only HALF the battle... the true stregnth in a window presentation comes from the follow through of the execution: IMPACT and CLARITY are the two key elements needed to demonstrate a vision and a plan.

I believe Eddie will place first, with Maxwell coming in second because of the thought and planning going into their work. As for Eileen... all I've seen is a colorful illustration, but no real "story" behind it. Maybe she'll have more pics or info today...

Learning from observing RALPH LAUREN, every VISION starts with a story... and it's the passion for that vision that makes it a success.

I'm seeing Eddie's passion... How about you?


  1. You are so sweet!!! Thank you for such a great post! xo

  2. Thanks Eddie!!!

    I have all the faith in the world you are going to WIN!

    :D Lynda



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