Wandered into the local Salvation Army the other day and found these bargin beauties... they'll be someone elses bargin beauty because I don't have the space for them...

But they were FAB!!!
They were ONLY $75 for ALL 4... cushy, crisp, and modern...
(I'm cringing over the loss here as I post)

Thankfully, last year when I had wandered into the same SA,
I found these:

The PAIR was only $15... and they had JUST been dropped off
(GREAT timing!!) I've had them for a year now and they're light weight enough they make for an easy carry up to the office when I need an extra chair...

SA had some other finds the other day...

Could be great cleaned up, OR refinished in a GLOSSY white, yellow, or turq....
and it was only $25 with 25% off THAT day... but I let it go to some other lucky bargin hunter... :D

Found this bombay front transitional TV cabinet...
but thought it was over priced for its quality (pressboard)

$69... nice style for another with a few extra bucks to spare...
will work great in a transitional space...
Sometimes I think SA over prices their items...
Like above, and this

$49... nice details, but I felt was over priced...

Sometimes, ya just have to wander into the "no name" thrift...
for lack of better words: a dive... to find a REAL steal... like THIS:

$10.... NOW we're talkin' and couldn't pass up...
so into the backseat it went!
Just needs some cleaning up and a fresh coat of white paint!

Nice little treat after being good and not shopping the past three months...
But like Kenneth Cole says, "Everyone NEEDS an outlet."

What's yours?


  1. Wow! Your SA has really got some great stuff. Haven't found much in my local SA. But I'm always looking.
    Love those chairs though!


  2. I love thrifting, but I agree that the SA overprices their furniture. Still, it makes that once in a while deal such a steal!

  3. Yes... your SA has some killer stuff for sure!!
    I think in order to score the winners, timing is key. Being there when it gets dropped off and being as cute as you are definitely helps when you are poking around the back area :)
    I admire your self discipline, I'd be there several times per week! Love, love your score and your pair of black chairs.
    Our SA is so overpriced that they now have 50% off every single weekend including Friday. What does that tell you?
    Love your blog by the way!!

  4. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo..........loving your new table. I just have to get to a thrift store soon!!

  5. Ditto to the above comments. Wow - I have never seen items at our local SA that compare to your finds. You are lucky! I love your style!

  6. Thanks for the comments!! Glad you're enJOYing the thrift! It is like you've mentioned, about timing... if it's meant to be - it's there - and then it IS meant to be: TAKE IT HOME!!! (IF you have a place for it and IF it won't break the bank! lol)

    everyone NEEDS an outlet!
    :D Lynda

  7. LOVE the table! As soon as I saw the picture, I thought "Oh my gosh, I hope she bought that!" It is just too fabulous to let go ~ and at that price, WOW! Great finds! :)

  8. Thanks Lovely Little Nest!!
    And I actually didn't need to paint it. It cleaned up BEAUTIFULLY with MAGIC ERASE! The tables is actually more ecrew or off white, as is our couch, so I was thrilled!!

    If you have any (light color) scuffed finds: try a little MAGIC ERASE and watch it come back to life. I just might not use it on dark peices, b/c the sponge does leave a milky residue.

    ThX 4 Stopping by FP!
    :D Lynda



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