Are you a Curb Minor? a Freegan? or a Dumpster Diver?

Thinking THRIFT doesn't always mean going to a thrift store, flea market, or garage sale. Sometimes your new found treasures can be scooped up right off the street. Most popular in New York, CURB MINING people have been doing it for YEARS (I know even my own father did this: we had Christmas decorations Macy's NY had discarded, as well as a color TV he found and repaired. I too am guilty of it :D)

FOUND this incredible video on the WSJ from 12.14.2009 about this phenominem as an experiment.

Busted! New Yorkers Caught Nabbing Street Chairs
"The maker of a designer chair put a couple dozen of its chairs out in the streets of New York, free for the taking. The only catch? GPS was hidden on the chairs, and a film crew would videotape the swipe and monitor where the chairs ended up. WSJ's Andy Jordan surveys the results of the "Real Good Experiment". Watch video here."

The store hosting the experiment by placing its chairs around the City is Blue Dot. Their video is here. Blue Dot is sold by several retailers around the country. Store locations are on their website here. In NYC, they opened in SoHo in 2008 at :

140 Wooster St

New York, NY 10012                              

Down here in FL, they are sold at Arango in the Dadeland Mall, Circle Art at Home in SoBe, and Ensemble Collection in Ft. Lauderdale.

In Schott's Vocab, posted in the NYTimes, he wote: Terms similar to curb mining include dumpster diving and freeganism. In June 2007, The Times’s Steven Kurutz wrote:

"Freegans are scavengers of the developed world, living off consumer waste in an effort to minimize their support of corporations and their impact on the planet, and to distance themselves from what they see as out-of-control consumerism. They dress in castoff clothes and furnish their homes with items found on the street; at (click here to go to site), where users post unwanted items; and at so-called freemeets, flea markets where no money is exchanged."

Since it's the begining of the year, several people are taking some time to purge. Keep your eyes open... Next time you see a fabulous find kicked to the curb, you too could have taken the thrifty bate and be videotaped!! Thrifters, freegans, scavengers and curb-minors beware!! But enJOY the thrill of the hunt...

Have you ever curb mined? What have you found?


  1. I've definitely done some curb mining. I've found great side tables this way.

  2. When I was younger, I was leery (and embarrassed) of curb mining. As I got older, I didn't care - it's all about the great finds, wherever you can find them! I got a wonderful pair of dressers that now work as a beautifully refinished shoe cabinet.

  3. LOL.........I have never seen anything that I would stop for, but once called my niece to let her know there were 2 end tables and where they were and she went and got them.

  4. Thanks for posting ladies!!
    I wish I had a home or gargae large enough to hold some of the finds I've SEEN, but couldn't take b/c wouldn't fit in my car!! but I do recall finding a nasty seafoam green chest of drawers... I called my friend Steve (with a truck) and we brought back to my apartment for me to refinish... I WISH I still had it!!:D

    Thx again...
    :D Lynda

  5. I have not curb mined but I have found some treasures at the Salvation Army which I refinished. A beautiful rectangle pedestal carved coffee table which I sanded and restained love it!! Bought it for $40. Also, found an all wood mirrored vanity for my daughter with chair for $120 which I refinished antique white. Can't wait to find more treasures to add to my home.




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