Over the years, events have come and gone. Now I am taking some time to enjoy them. Usually, I was too tired from work or a kooky schedule, and it prevented me from going to some of these inspirational events. All of what we see today in design had a beginning in our past. So this weekend, I experienced the Original Miami Beach Antiques Show located down here in the convention center on South Beach.

It was enormous!! The space with filled with booth after booth of collectibles, decorative accessories, chandeliers, lamps, tables, chairs, dressers, artwork.... and TONS of jewelry (probably MORE than what I was expecting). Something else I wasn't expecting was the people to be as old as pieces they were showing! And SCOOTERS... in use from a twenty-something to a eighty-something! Amazing...

That said, here's a round up of antiques catching my eye (and camera lens). I was kinda surprised no one said to stop, but I guess they get it often, and this was my first time being at an event of this magnitude. When they didn't stop me, I thought this must be a great place for fashion designers to come get inspired for their lines... enJOY.

(just NOT to me!)

Of ALL the booths on display and vintage eye-candy seen... BY FAR my FAV was owned by an art + design dealer from Quebec, Canada. We chatted a bit and we both agreed, the show needed more MODERN vintage collectable and furniture featured, and FAR less of the jewelry and ornate pieces so heavily dispalyed. He had pieces from Art Nouveau

As well as this gorgeous retro 70's mirrored console

another find from his assortment was this chair

All above photos shot by me (Lynda Quintero-Davids)


  1. What amazing finds! Love those velvet chairs and the rosewood dresser. Thanks for sharing the pics :)

  2. Thanks Life More Fab!! I enJOYed the experience and have enJOYed sharing the pics here at Focal Point!

    :D Lynda



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