Photos For Friday

Welcome the Doors of ITALY...
Majority of the photos I took, (except the pics of me: my DH Jeff took) on our honeymoon in Italy in late May of '07. Loved the detail, texture, and scale of the doors we discovered in Venice, Florence, and Rome. (even adore the venician glass lantern at door number two.)

Byzantine Gothic Arches

Love the stud details...

Who doesn't love Gucci? and such MODERN doors...

Harry's Bar....


Found this R for my friend Rebecca...

Love the ivy, stone, and wrought iron....

This door was one of my fav's.... it demonstrates a mix of new and old design...

Hope you enJOYed this lttle get away today...
Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Love the pictures of the doors! We have visited Venice several times and Rome once. There is nothing like strolling the streets of Venice in the late evening after all the tourists have left. We lived in Europe for a couple of years and traveled as much as we could. Now we live in Charleston and I am taking lots of pictures of old gates and old oak trees dripping with moss! Keep up your wonderful work. I still think you need to do online interior design! I would hire you in an instant!

  2. Thanks Jemsmom!! Photos of gates sounds like a great subject matter to capture!! And great fun to edit!! Would love to see... Thanks for the suggestion, vote of confidence, and stopping by to post !

    Bundle up...cuz it's FREEZING today!!
    :D Lynda

  3. Just LOOK at those doors!

    So full of soul and life!

    Funny...We ae putting in a door to our backdoor laundry room this weekend. Nothing exciting...nothing like those gorgeous time capsules you posted!


  4. ThX Linda!! Glad you enJOYed them!!
    ThX for stopping by...
    :D Lynda

  5. What is up with this crazy cold weather!! I thought we lived in the South!

  6. Lovely post! Gucci and Enigma are my favorites. I think the comments from your readers about the cold are cute - here in Canada we had a brutal winter last year. It even got to -52 celcius with the windchill.Would any of you like to come for a visit during the winter? - hee, hee!!



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