Today we're gonna go back... I mean way back... to the "Past and Present Home Furnishings" store called DECADES. This 'divine find' is situated in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale and occupies two locations. Because of this, DECADES divided their stores into two distinct lifestyles.

The more Traditional merchandise assortment is located at 2661 N. FEDERAL HIGHWAY, set within a MALL of other vintage & antique shops...

Asian pieces

Over-sized Art Deco Dresser

a modern vibe on this Chinese dining

... while the other store is located at 1500 NE 4th AVENUE, and is merchandised with more vintage modern pieces. Not that I can right now, but for those looking to purchase some Mid Century modern or Retro 60's-70's furnishings, their price points were reasonable, and less expensive than some shops of the same style in Miami or SoBE.

The store is merchandised in room settings, making it feel like walking through an eclectic home. Jonathan Adler dec pillows were coordinated with some of the settings, as well as mass merchandised up front on a retro chrome & glass unit (close to the register to sell as an 'add on')

Quote: "We have people who come in every other day just to see what's new," Chaffi said. "About 99 percent of our business is from word of mouth. People bring in their friends who come back with other friends ... yet it's funny how some people won't tell their friends because they don't want them to know about it!"

Swarovski Crystal chandelier reminded me of "the rain room"
segment on Kell On Earth

DECADES has two floors at this location.
This perspective made it feel like going into a basement up north
(no basements in FL!)
I liked the way they utilized the raw, but white painted walls
to showcase vintage art

L*O*V*E this table... SOLD, just not to me.

1925 Wassily chair

One of my favorite pieces I spotted was the classic Wassily chair. Famed architect, Marcel Breuer, designed the Wassily in 1925. Although a traditional club chair, its' modern design is believed to be the first tubular steel chair, constructed with a series of strong spare lines.

And DECADES didn't forget the outdoors.
They also had pieces FOR the outdoors

As well as MADE FROM the outdoors...

Special thanks to Stan Williams,
(aka The Elegant Thrifter) for telling me about this 'Divine Find'.


  1. Isn't it amazing. And their prices are so fair. The people who run the location in Fort Lauderdale are wonderful, and so lovely to work with both when consigning/selling and purchasing. Only wish I could be there!


  2. Prices REALLY were fair. The Wassily was on sale for only (if memory serves me correctly) $599, when a licensed replica sells for over $2000. And an arc floor lamp for only $149

    (HATED passing THAT one by!!)
    ThX for stopping by and
    the sharing info for this find...
    :D Lynda

  3. No basements in Florida? Just wondering why not? I also wanted to mention that you are one of the only bloggers I know who answers to the comments on her blog daily. I really respect that about you - and you should know I enjoy this blog very much!!
    From, Canada

  4. wow... THANK YOU Canada! I appreciate the comments... they're feedback and let me know SOMEONE out there is actually reading this stuff!! lol

    No basements in FL b/c it's "prone to hurricanes, and the state has strict rules regarding homes built on the coast. The finished floor elevation of what they call the living space has to be above the storm surge elevation." I grew up with one up north (NJ) and miss it down here.

    Thx for visiting!!
    :D Lynda



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