Looking for a simple way to update your home without breaking the bank (or your back)? Try refreshing doors, trim, and stair railings with a fresh coat of white - gloss or semi-gloss - paint. Even if your trim is already white, over time, all the cleaning chemicals have built up and discolor the existing white paint. It's not as noticeable until you paint with a fresh coat of white. Once you see the difference, you'll start, and won't be able to stop! This is an easy way to refresh a space - without redecorating, moving furniture or painting walls. Be patient. Have on your fave music - it can be very therapeutic =)

What you'll need:
  •  A drop cloth
  •  A damp cloth
  •  A small angled brush
  •  A small foam roller
  •  Paint stick to mix
  •  A Paint tray & liner
  •  Comfy clothes

Dingy white?

Make it crisp & bright!

1926 Mediterranean home before

1926 Mediterranean home after
And you could also use painters tape to help ensure CRISP white edges - or you may be doing touch-ups afterwards.

LEFT: existing white. RIGHT: after fresh coat of white.

~ Paint bevels first.
~ Paint raised panels lightly from blending painted bevels.
~ Smooth out door (flat surfaces)finish using the foam roller.


1926 Mediterranean home stairs before
1926 Mediterranean home stairs after

~ Brush & vacuum carpet / wipe down wood to ensure dust and hair (especially if you have PETS) is removed - especially from edges.
~ Cut in with angled brush - start at the top on one side, and work your way down. Come back up and repeat the process.
~ For railings, use the roller mostly, but cut in with angled brush for angles, corners, and railing groove.

** To give stairs a more updated look - especially if you already use black in your decor - paint railing black. Here's some inspirational pics:

Be real brave & bold, compliment your updated black railing with a beautiful printed wall paper...

Keep it simple and just paint railing and newel posts...

Keep it REALLY simple and paint only the railing...

Or screw the white - go black all the way with your rails!

IF you do happen to drip paint on a carpet: DO NOT SMEAR into the carpet. Wet a clean wash cloth and ring excess water into spot AND BLOT the spot. Eventually, the paint will lift. Afterwards, lightly criss-cross over carpet pile with (cleaned) cloth for blending.

Something different for closet door:

Clean off doors prior to painting. Fantastic works fantastic! =)

Paint raised panel with magnet paint.

If you already have black in the space - leave it as is to add a graphic element to a space. Or paint over it giving the doors a fresh coat of white - and magnetic surface will still work thru the paint. Great to use in a kids room, your craft room, or your office.

More about this particular project to be posted tomorrow...

Have a wonderful
(project filled) weekend!
And thanks for stopping by
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  1. Great tips. I'm looking at my baseboards right know and noticing they need some freshening. I think I'm dragging my feet because I want to replace them with bigger more substantial moldings.

  2. Great idea. That is definitely on my to do list. Mine are looking a little tacky. Hugs, Marty

  3. Lynda, I soooo need to do the baseboards in my hallway!! This was a good reminder to me!!! Kathysue

  4. Love the wood floors in the Mediterranean house. I've been toying with painting kitchen cabinets white. Now I'm thinking that it would be better to choose another color. Can't imagine painting all the cabinets every few years.
    ~ Suzy

  5. Looooooove the doors!!! It looks so fresh! Thanks for sharing! That's now on my to do list! And I'm also mad for the black railing! That's been on the list for a while!!!

  6. I just referred to the tip on how to remove paint from carpet, it worked. We are painting our 2nd guest bedroom and my husband got paint on the carpet. Wink, nonetheless this was so helpful in removing the unwanted paint from our carpet.

  7. weeeshuuu Lisa! That was a close one!! Glad the tip worked for you!! =) Thanks for stopping back by!!

    xo Lynda



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