It's kind of funny how people love to watch design shows about CHANGE, but CHANGE the people on a show, and where is the love? I too was a little confused at first when watching the premiere episode of COLOR SPLASH: MIAMI. Where were Ian, Danielle and Claire? But I figured just because David lives in Miami, doesn't mean the whole crew does. Like I mentioned yesterday, the program is headquartered in San Fransisco... So since they are now filming in Miami, they had to CHANGE the crew...

All Versace Mansion Makeover pics by Patricia Rothman

After reading a few comments on facebook walls and tweets yesterday (and not all very nice) I decided to do a little research about the new crew. Yes, the existing crew was well seasoned and experienced, but hey - everyone has got to start somewhere - right? HGTV gave David a chance at a show when he won Design Star (back in 2007), and look how wonderful he turned out. Three years later, he's built a following, not only on facebook and twitter, but in Miami as well.

(Note: pillows stacked to left CHANGED to pillows stacked right)

David's new Miami assistants are just that: NEW. One is actually a recent graduate of Miami International University of Arts and Design - Gina Carballo. She is not only his assistant, but a design 'trainee' on the show. What a terrific experience for an upcoming designer and an opportunity for David to 'pay it forward'.

David's Miami design assistants
Gina (left) and Patricia (right).

His other assistant, Patricia Rothman, is a mom & business owner who also resides here in South Florida. She studied architecture at the University of Miami and interior design at Florida International University. Patricia has had some previous TV experience - she stared in her own interior makeover show, “Make Room for Baby “ on the Discovery Health Channel. Along with Patricia's TV and design experience, she developed her own line of fabrics, bedding, artwork and accessories for children. In a joint venture with her friend  Isabel, they started a website business called

Patricia Rothman

Throughout my own experiences, working with all different types of people throughout the years, not everyone can 'gel' and get along well right off the bat. Working well together takes time to develop. Considering this was their first show all working together and getting to know each other, the new team did produced a fine result...

Happy Homeowners REVEAL!

Having HAPPY homeowners
is what GOOD design is all about...

You can REALLY see the color inspiration of Versace
from this photo (below) to the end result...

Casa Casaurina aka Versace's Villa

And remember that red ceiling I mentioned in yesterday's post?
Here's a better shot of it captured by Patricia
(along with all these other shots)


(David had these glass fixtures made by a local glass artisan...
I will have to watch again to learn who.)

Upcoming COLOR SPLASH: MIAMI Makeover

So people, don't be so quick to judge and be so harsh when critiquing people when you don't even KNOW them yet...


Even David tweeted yesterday -
David's Top Tweets for CSM:
  • Everyone will fall in love with the new cast as I have. They are wonderfully talented and amazing individuals. Give them a chance, u will.
  • The old crew is perfect and the new crew is different but uber fantastic! Change is hard but u will love
  • Gina is awesome!! So funny and expressive. Patricia is my other design assistant equally as fierce!
  • Danielle, Ian and Claire are amazing and are incredibly missed beyond belief. I was blessed so much by collaborating with them.
  • Give it a chance. It's a great series. Change is always hard, but if you love me then you will love CSM. promise.
follow David on Twitter @bromco

Stay tuned for more great
to come... I am sure.


  1. I was a little surprised to see a new crew, but like you said, they weren't from Miami, only David, so to relocate the entire crew would've been a bit much.

    I'm excited to see how this series goes, as it has been a lot more eccentric than the homes he did in San Francisco! Change is good :)

  2. Yes! Change is good... and I recently learned the show will be on both Saturday and Sunday nights... Looking forward to the change (and Miami featured at its best!)

    Thanks for stopping by the FP!
    :D Lynda

  3. Welcome to Miami David! I love your show (Im a HGTV addict) and Im going to keep an eye out just in case I run into you on Lincoln Road! :-)
    I have a great house with an beautiful open living space with high ceilings, and a very nice large back yard that could use your magic touch! I need your help big time so If you ever in need of a place to design call me! Best of luck with the show! Cant wait to see what you do!

  4. Thanks for stopping by FP to comment Mariana - and hopefully - David will too someday - to be able to read your enthusiastic comment!

    :D Lynda

  5. Okay, CSM has had plenty of time to grow on people, but GINA has not! Incredibly irritating and ditzy, you just cannot take her seriously as she reads from the Teleprompter. Sorry, she cheapens the show for David.

    Trainee, Former Design student or not, TV stardom will not take out the classless, tacky characteristic within Gina Carballo.

  6. I think it was unfair to viewers to just drop the old crew with NO explanation or good-bye. The whole concept of Color Splash was the team and how much we cared for them.



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