I believe, the way we design and redesign our home, is a reflection of events in our life, our environment we're surrounded with, and a feeling we want to share. Designer Chris Madden has even said, "design is not just about how something looks but also how it feels." I can really see different feelings reflected in the way I have restyled our home over the years - especially just from last year to this year. Last year, my Fall style was more minimal and inferred. It was understood it was Fall, not because of leaves and acorns, but more so because of the color palette and images used.

I had temporarily put away the B&W rag rug to show the brown & black sisal & chenille. The white pieces here are now up in the office (the blogging think tank). The round mirror, today in the dining room, was above the wall unit. I'd like to refinish it - maybe even add a starburst treatment to it - and bring it back in here for the holidays...

This year, after much transition in my life, the look and feel of Fall in our home is more literal. But it's not necessarily because I ran out and bought all new items. I just used what I've already had acquired - from years past - in new ways. The feeling in our home now is more reflective of cocooning... something I'm sure many of us have been doing these days.

Acorn fillers from a previous Thanksgiving tablescape, are placed inside existing containers and topped with glass tea lights. Wreaths, previously used outside, now helped to dress mirrors with a splash of color. The Tiffany bowl, previously this summer filled with shells on the entrance buffet, is now on the bar top counter filled with faux nut covered apples - also from a previous Thanksgiving tablescape. The only new addition are the leaf sprays (I mentioned yesterday) paired with more of my found branches. Older leaf sprays are now used outside - mixed into the leafy green filled containers - adding a splash of Fall color out front...

No fall color pillows? No problem.
A tablerunner on a chair can add a band of color.

The two crows perched on this living room branch help
to relate this space to the Hitchcock Hallway decor.

Old comfy couch, dec pillows and a fur throw - a great place to
curl up with a favorite home decor magazine...

The space this year, is reminiscent of how it was set in 2007....

The sofa legs I have since stained. The eteger is now on the patio and this side table is now up in the office. The pair of thrifted side tables now flank the sofa, and this coffee table is upstairs in the (ha!) yoga room. I say ha! because I haven't done yoga in a while and probably need to get back to it.

Autumn Home 2007

This year it has more COLOR... more life.

Autumn Home 2010

I've probably become more fearless in my styling. I'm eager to try new things, new looks, and new combinations. I enjoy challenging myself to create these looks without breaking the bank - and now I'm enjoying styling even more because of inspiration from other bloggers and sharing some of my tips as well. This is it for Fall this year...

Check out more about this years halloween decor at

The next change won't happen until November 1st when I'll take down Halloween. Along with working on my Client Project, I've been planning how to set for Christmas this year... which - BTW - I heard my first Christmas song yesterday while shopping for her in Pier 1. At first, I couldn't believe what I was hearing - and even the sales associate looked up and said, "OMG - is that Christmas music?" I guess it was difficult for us to decipher because it was an instrumental Salsa version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."

And that my friends... we shall.



  1. It's all in the details Lynda - and you know that. Like the horseshoe atop the candleholder base - it's the tinyest of things that make a designer look, and you have it ... fall, summer, winter and in between! You're fabulous! :)

  2. aaawwwee... THANK YOU Artie! YOU just made my day (and me smile & blush). YOU my friend are fabulous as well!! Thank you for noticing the details and taking the time to comment (knowing too how busy you are).

    :D Lynda

  3. It is all absolutely stunning! You have a knack for layering in comfort and interest no matter how you choose to do so!

  4. Lynda you know I love your style....but I must say Im loving the 2010 version. Maybe because I did a creepy dining room this year to be different too. I love the way you style and then re-mix...I dont think I ever leave anything the way I originally do it. I CANT see your Christmas stuff. You purple/silver setting inspired me to use the purple in my dining room this year from October thru to January (omg...thats a long time for me. lol) Love your work girl....keep inspiring.

  5. Your home is so warm, inviting and stylish no matter what year it is but I do love the latest. Your talent is amazing. Thanks so much for linking up to the Fall Festival. I love your style. :)


  6. Everything looks fabulous....magazine ready! I esp love the nuts and the tealights. Adorable! :)

  7. Thanks Jane, Roeshel, Vicki, and Southern Fried gal!! And glad to have inspired you Lucky 7 JERSEY GIRL!! =) The purple sounds like a beautiful addiition...

    :D Lynda

  8. Like it, sometimes a splash of color with the neutrals is all you need!



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