As long as you check to see if the lamps work - you can find some great deals thrifting for lamps. Lamps are not only another decorative accessory in a room, but they also add depth and layers to it. Sometimes, all it takes is that one special lamp or lamp pair to add a WOW factor to a space or vignette composition. Lamps aren't cheap. They can cost thousands of dollars. But with a sharp eye for shape, scale, and style, you can find a "look for less" while thrifting... Check out this pair I got for only $15!!

Saw on Friday at $30 for the pair...
(ignore the nasty shades - they can always be replaced)

Went back on Saturday (couldn't stop thinking about them)
and got them on SALE for half off!!

I already had these shades, and they 'could' work in the right (fun) space,
but I'd prefer solid or even a rectangular shade - which I did find at Target for only $12.

Similar shape and pair on 1stDibs for $4200
(hello? are you still with me??)
If you have the means - these are lovely and authentic - but
most of us are 'not quite there' any longer...

I found another similar shaped pair on 1st Dibs for $3100
Maybe $1100 off could help?
I don't think so... They are gorgeous - but
I'm happy with my look for less...

Originally $30 - on sale for $15 for the pair

Homegoods even had something similar - with a great shade - for $49

ebay had this little number for only $50
They called it vintage - but it has a harp for the shade - which is actually a newer lamp
("Made in China" has revolutionized mass production of lamps with a harp. Older style lamps and shades have what it called an "UNO" to attach the shade just below the socket. My thrifted pair has an uno shade, but it could be converted to a harp if necessary. Even with these add ons, the $15 pair still comes out less than what discount retailers sell lamps for.

But buyer beware when thrifting for lamps. I "thought" I had found this terrific pair...

LOVED them for Vero's project! And even from afar, the shades were OK.
But then I saw the "AS IS" on the tag...

I thought it was because of the lamp shade condition (A DIY gone bad), but after plugging them in, the deal breaker was one needing to be rewired. I'm not an electrician. I haven't ventured down that road (yet) and I do not want to be the cause of a electrical fire - so I passed on them :-(

Although I didn't purchase any of these lamps (below) they were some great shapes and deals (if they light - which most do - but check just to be sure)

With a black shade - this could look hot at only $10!!

Singular lamps for vignettes at $20 and half off so only $10...

Another pair on sale for half off of $30
Brass is in - but not this brass - shape could work great
if painted black or white gloss.

Amber glass could work great for a pop of color and paint the metal
 at only $10

Spotted some Murano Art Glass lamps at a vintage shop...
but again too pricey for my thrifty budget...

But don't hesitate to snap a photo for inspiration!
Even the mirror top console you can create on your own...
Just place an over the door mirror as the console top (works especially great behind a sofa) and place your lamps on it. It's another way to play with the light in your space...

For more tips on lighting, check out my prior post

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. Great lamps. Love all the pics and the suggestions. Shades always seem the hardest. I guess I havn't figured that one out. Hugs, Marty

  2. That was a great post! Great pics and I loved your commentary. You scored on those lamps - they are fabulous! Jen

  3. Good post -- I have a cousin who is a hobbyist, now turning his obsession with lamps into a business after he was involuntarily retired. He is not in your area, or I would refer you, but I guarantee you might find someone like that in yours. He told me that any lamp you buy thrifted should always be rewired, just to be on the safe side. I have actually done a couple, and it is not hard.

  4. I had seen those at the Faith Farm Thrift sale a few weeks ago. I have no space for a lamp, so I tried to get my sister to buy them. I found out about Faith Farm from your blog and signed up for their emails. I am working on a chandelier that I bought from them for $2.00. Here's my post
    Great buy! Enjoy them. They are even better in person.

  5. I am big on plugging up lamps in store. I have a lamp right now that doesnt work. Sad, but Ill do some surgery on it and see what happens.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. Is there really any greater joy in decorating than to score something fab at the local thrift? I think not! :) Love these lamps!

  7. GREAT tip about the mirror over the top of the console!! As for the lamps- i'm kicking myself right now. I found one a couple weeks ago (clear glass) at Goodwill. I didn't grab it, went back the next day :( It was gone.

  8. Thanks Angie, Carol, Rashon, Scribbler, Jen and Marty!! Angie - That's the thing about shopping - esp. thrift. And yes it is an awful feeling - "I shoulda bought it when I saw it"

    That is really cool jandjhome!! enjoy thrifting at Faith! I'm stopping by now to check out your post =)


  9. Love any post about lamps, I have to admit my lamp addiction. I have lamps stored in closets, garage and anywhere I can fit them. I change them out for the seasons. It is a real sickness with me, Kathysue

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