This client project for Vero has been a wonderful learning experience. I was able to apply my skills from managing projects at a 155,000 sq. ft. retail establishment and apply them to this project. Some of which have been: conceptualizing a Plan A, B, and a C for the client to choose from, communicating, organizing, time management, planning, budgeting, creating and executing. Some of the unforeseen experiences have been: items not in stock, items on back order, and deliveries being held. Some other unforeseen experiences have been the assembly of products ordered.




Visioning, planning and executing a design plan for a client is NOT like what they show on HGTV. It's a little more intense, especially since I don't have a cast of assistants to delegate tasks to. Fortunately, my husband lended a helping hand - on two of his days off from work. Between his truck, my car and two trips, we were able to pick up all the thrifted furniture finds in a day. I spent three days sanding and prepping the four tables to be installed. Friday, we loaded three of the unfinished pieces, along with tools and textiles to bring down to the project site.

Advil, coke lists, tools, and packed Jeff's truck too...

My Jetta was PACKED!!
Need to consider a larger vehicle... lol

Since the clients patio is empty, I set up shop for painting and staining. Before heading outside, I removed all unusable pieces from the site into storage in her garage. I brought in all the delivered online orders and set the into one space. My husband (bless his heart) put together four dining chairs and the four slipper chairs while I headed out to the patio refinish the other pieces. We quickly learned the tool sent with the chairs is basically useless. He had to make a Home Depot run (or two) for a drill driver attachment to build the chairs (which got done in no time after having the correct tools.)

Shipment boxes helped protect pavers and a sheet clipped to fence
helped protect it from overspray.

Bringing the outdoors in: Stain of table similar to bamboo fence on patio.

Primed and painted coffee and side tables black satin.

I unpacked and built the two ottomans and two floor lamps. I collected boxes as we worked and broke them down for trash - however, some of the boxes I repurposed to better protect the patio under the drop cloths. At the end of the night, I placed the rug pad & rolled out the area rug. We placed the furniture where I had planned it - all except one piece: the refinished round coffee table. It had to remain outside because it still had not dried and we were needing to turn it on its side to get it through the sliding door.

Messy Friday afternoon - but I LOVED it!!

$40 thrift table sanded at home - transported raw - and stained on site
to prevent scratches in transfer.

Overnite protection - a coffee table fort - lol.

Luckily, the patio had a bit of an over hang, so I put a drop cloth down in the corner - close to the house - Jeff and I carried the table over to it, and we used the flat boxes again to sort of build a fort around the table. I used some left over pavers I found in a pile, to help anchor the boxes, and then we covered it with a sheet and prayed it wouldn't rain.

Little $5 side table

Ombre-like fade for bottom shelf. Black was too dark. White was too bright. Using the wood stain and rubbing it off - but keeping darker along the edges was just right.

Jeff left at 8pm, and I left an hour later to clean up a little more, and prep and plan the next day. Jeff had to be at work at 6am, and I came back down to continue with my painting mess. Vero didn't want the hassle of repainting the entire townhome and she was OK with its color, so I had suggested she at least have the base boards, door casings and doors painted a fresh coat of white (semi gloss) to refresh the space.

Details in the bag.
Accessories staged in the kitchen in partially opened bags.
Great to pick from, clean up at kitchen sink
& delable at counter. If not used - already packed in a bag to be returned.

Saturday I brought down another load: all the good stuff: THE DETAILS =) and one last table to refinish. I stopped by Lowe's to pick up hardware to convert handles on the new pieces as well as some of her existing pieces. Although she wanted a clean - hotel looking space, her favorite store to shop for furnishings is Bombay Company. Bombay is VERY traditional in its style. So to help update to existing pieces, I changed the hardware, and the one table (a demi-lune) I'm painting over the table top (it has a gold and red acanthus leaf pattern - also VERY traditional - and no red is planned for this space.)

Updated hardware - but new screw too long.
I made a washer by poking a hole in a furniture foot pad disc.
(It's what I had on-hand)

She's OK with it being painted. Since I set it against an existing wall mirror, and you can see it's profile when you enter the space, I chose crystal knobs, which will pick up on the other glass pieces in the space. Unfortunately, with everything that was installed this weekend, two major details were not: The window panels & hardware and the buffet. The panels and hardware were on back order, but I checked status this morning and it is ready to go - hopefully it will be here by this weekend (we're really wanting for our mom's to come and see - but when the panels go up.

Wall decal quote on order for mirror.
I'm painting the frame black and the wall around it a charcoal-mocha I found in the OOPS! paint for $2. The previous owner of this townhome had a stained glass panel here. When he moved - he took it. The mirror works to help reflect more light into the "L" shaped space - especially since there is only one window downstairs.

From what Vero has seen so far - SHE LOVES IT! and now wants me to do her bedroom, and we'll probably get something set-up on her gorgeous patio. She has some metal and glass tables in the garage, with a little protective coating, they could work outside. All we need to do is locate some bargain seating (which should be easy because it's end of season and there or some great deals out there.)

My mom is also wanting me to come down this week to help her makeover her bedroom, and Vero may have another potential client for me: a lawyer who needs her office done. I'm achy, but not exhausted - I've been running on so much energy fueled by passion, enthusiasm, and joy.

It was a labor of love and that's what made it EZ...

This is my first client project and like I previously mentioned - no assistants running errands, or custom pieces being worked on at a shop. The budget didn't allow for all that... and that is where true creativity comes into play - make something out of nothing and make do with what you have. Spend a good amount of time researching sources, keep your notes and receipts organized, communicate with client and run with it - MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

I'll post more of a reveal on Wednesday - but so far - what do you think?



  1. Beautiful Lynda, I'm speechless..Your amazing.

  2. I love it! You are beyond awesome and I sooooo wish you lived close to me!

  3. A beautiful job...I love it also...that rug is wonderful!!! May all of your future projects show this much love!!!

  4. You did a beautiful job-it looks very stylish!

    I am sure you will get many more clients.


  5. What an awesome job. Looking very nice. Yeah, HGTV doesn't tell you how hard you have to work AND how to get around kinks that will come up. Love the quick thinking on the washer bit. Good Job!!!!

  6. Beautiful....And yes, you do what you gotta do to make it happen! Love, love, love how it's personalized and unique, but I definitely see your style. Now when does YOUR HGTV show air? Congratulations! Stan

  7. This one has come along so well. I cant wait to see the many other clients you will work with.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. A beautiful start to a beautiful career move!! I cannot wait to see what the space looks like all finished. Fantastic job!!!



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