Although I'm big on planning, sometimes I do wait until the last minute. And sometimes, those crunch times, have had the most creative end results. Case in point: deciding at the last minute to dress-up for Halloween. My friend Rebeca plans her costume like Macy's plans their parades - the year before (that's just how much she LOVES Halloween). I love it too, but sometimes I just need to be in the mood. For those times that I did get in the mood, it was from seeing the potential in some of those $10 and $20 costumes hanging in a store. Just like with a room, it's the accessories that can pull a look together....


This lovely little dress I found at WALGREEN'S for only $9.99.
I jazzed it up with a wig I got at a salon... and yes - me and my sticks. I spray painted a branch black, attached some shredded black fabric, a large snake, and some faux red stones...

I made a crown from a grapevine wreath I spray painted black and
wove in a few black fake snakes (with beady red eyes) and a whole-lotta black fine tulle for drama. I had cut the wreath (in the back) so it would fit snug on my head. The tulle also helped cover the opening.

I wish I had a photo of Becky's costume. She had beaded a chest plate and black platform boots (her own - not from a costume). And although she doesn't have kids, she always like to host and decorate the courtyard for an apartment building party. It was a great way to get to know the neighbors and the kids stayed safe and had fun being close to their home. Afterwards, we'd head down to Lincoln Road on South Beach and see the carnival of costumes to go clubbing... Although this costume was only 9.99, I was able to wear it a few times....

I had even wore this to work and walked the store saying:

Last year, while in Big Lot's getting some supplies for the Halloween party, I spotted a cute black costume with coppery details for only $19.99...


 Again, accessories played a part in pulling a look together.
I love having some kind of prop (and yes - a stick). I knew I had some copper leaves and small skulls I had used to make a door wreath the year before, so I took it apart to use for the costume...

I weaved in some of the copper leaves into the Amy Weinhouse wig I got at Party City. I also used the leaves on my prop. I painted a Styrofoam skull black and stuck it on the end of the stick...

My black ruched boots worked withe the ruffle details and I added some of my own black beaded accessories. This was a scary site around 8:30 in the morning...But it was a Friday and just that time of the year to let out your little demon.... hee hee.....

One year... in my twenties... I made myself into a Widow Bride. I drenched my (then) blonde hair with red mouse, packed on some HEAVY make-up and jazzed up one of those little shorty Dracula costumes (with the big collar). I had a super wide black stretchy belt I added tons of tullel to. I attached more tulle to a wide black headband, along with hot gluing a rhinestone necklace to it to make a veil. I added a black rose pin to the deep V. I attached jagged black sheer fabric to some opera length black satin gloves I had (from clubbing). And what's a bride without a huge bouquet (hey - It was the 90's!!), and huge faux diamond ring. Since I was at a club (and won Second Place in a costume contest) I spent the evening sipping champagne and saying, "Oh woe is me..." lol I placed second to a midget who had dressed as The Penguin from Batman. He had props too - he had a monocle (single eyeglass) and an open umbrella...

Me & Hope - 7th Grade

Costumes have come a long way since the days from throwing on a sheet and some fake blood or cutting up the bottom of moms long black dress to be Morticia from the Addams Family.

What are your Halloween plans? Will you dress up?
What do you want to be?

I think I'll always love this look...




  1. So great to see your in Phx. AZ. my hometown. I'm a bit jealous you get to visit all the great thrift and salvage shops AZ. has to offer. You should venture to Tucson they have a super cool salvage and articular yard. Sorry can't quite remember the name it maybe D & M articular and Salvage yard. Plus Tucson has a great thrift store on Speedway The Coyote outlet. I just join your blog and will enjoy visiting AZ without the heat or guilt of having to visit family, lol. I read that you redesign future for clients. I 'm wondering just how you attract your clients. I have access with a lady who wants me to redesign her finds to sell them. Any advice would be helpful. Thx Kelly and so enjoy your ideas and work.

  2. That is so great! She looks so awesome on her halloween costume, captivating, mysterious, gorgeous yet dangerous. Keep it up!

    Happy Halloween!
    ~ Barbara
    Homemade Halloween Costumes



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