Not only is thrift shopping a great means of being green, upcycling and recycling old goods into something new - it can also help cut expenses when working within a budget. For my Client project I'm working on, many of the furnishings needed to be purchased. Many of them could be big ticket items - two coffee tables, four slipper chairs, four dining chairs, a dining table, a sofa table, an end table and a credenza or buffet for under a wall mounted TV. Sourcing around online has helped to same some money to execute the vision, but an even bigger savings has been shopping thrift.

Selections sourced through thrifting Tuesday afternoon.
Sent this to client to communicate selections and get her input (like, love, hate) She's happy so onward we go!

Choices sent to client. She went for what I had hoped for - the table on the left, and it can be easily sanded & stained to be transformed to the finish in the center. The left table for $40 is from DREXEL HERITAGE - which is a very well known furniture manufacturer. The glass to helps to add a reflective quality to the space, while the wood surround will help anchor the four slipper chairs planned to be placed around it.

Pairing some thrifted selections with some splurge selections
Basically any piece can be transformed with TLC, elbow grease, sanding, staining or painting.
Focus more on the lines, scale, and quality of a piece.

The table on the left was sourced at a second-hand store in Ft. Lauderdale called DECADES. Rich ebony wood with white marble inlay was a steal at only $159 - however, this wasn't where I wanted a "splurge" fund to go. The table on the right I found at the Habitat For Humanity RESTORE - brand new for only $50. The only trouble is - my car (a Jetta) was already packed - so I paid for it but had to have them "store it" overnight. They charge a $10 storage fee, which at first I frowned on, but the table expense still comes well under what I had originally projected its expense to be.

Another expense to factor in is the cost of the supplies, but because several pieces are being transformed buy updating & uniforming them together with stain or paint, the cost will all even itself out in the end (I'm thinking no more than $40 to refinish four pieces).

Some other pieces sourced.

Simple tip when buying second hand lamps - ALWAYS ask to plug them in. I thought these lamps would be great for the space, and they were on "sale - as-is". I thought the "as-is" was because of the crappy lampshade (DIY gone bad), but it was actually because one lamp did NOT light. I haven't mastered re-wiring (yet) so I passed... and opted for a simple pair of adjustable lamps with a white drum shade from Ikea.  

The X-bench I found at my local Target. It's out of stock on line. It has great lines and scale. It's reasonably priced in comparison to Homegoods - surprisingly, most ottomans are $99. The ones for less that I have seen don't have as much character as the X-Bench. Hopefully, I can find a discount to apply and I'd like to get two.

When choosing the pieces for the clients space, there have been some splurge items - but even those have been purchased with additional discounts, online coupons, and FREE shipping to help offset their expense. Sourcing on line and scouting out prices in brick & mortar retailers helps keep you "in the know before you go" thrifting.

Originally, I was going with the left rug. But one more search online and I found the "right" rug. I had spotted the B&W Ogee pattern Martha Stewart rug on Home Decorators for $397 - but that was a little too high for the budget. Taking the description, I took a chance and Googled it to find it at Home Depot on sale for not only 20% less, but it also included FREE shipping. When purchasing these larger pieces online, tax and shipping costs could possibly destroy your "deal" - so buyer beware.

My husband and I are making the rounds today to pick up the finds purchased yesterday. I even managed to get the buffet for only $30 and a side table that was $9 - for only $5. The buffet & coffee table for sofa will be a fun project to transform (going to go two-toned B&W or espresso & bisque). By going two toned, it will not only give a graphic quality to the piece, it can help take some of its "weight" off, and highlight its architectural features...

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. You are a GENIUS!!!! Totally enjoyed reading this... WAY TO GO!!!!

  2. Love your thrifty finds. I know your client must be thrilled with them. Hugs, Marty

  3. You have the touch and creativity for this, that's for sure.

  4. Lynda: You never cease to amaze me. Great finds.




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