Happy Monday!! I hope everyone enjoyed a project filled weekend! Unfortunately, it rained here too off and on to have completed my outdoor project I had planned (working on refinishing the buffet) so I did a little work sourcing for two upcoming bedroom makeover projects: One for Vero and one for my mom. (Why is the one for my mom so much more difficult??)

Moms first board pulling togther the choices for the space - to be narrowed down.
This is a great way to see what can work together.

Choices a little more narrowed down to select from.
two dressers on board are to refer to for finishes of dad's old dresser.
The oval mirror as an option for over the existing
vanity in her bathroom, but visible to her from her bed.

Mom still owns a (heavy) bedroom set from about thirty + years ago. She has an overwhelming fear of change that is a little more challenging, as well as a little less budget to work with. Although she keeps saying she doesn't have much, she is still requesting much storage, but also wanting a more spacious look in her bedroom. At times, she's said just get rid of everything. Then other times she thinks oh maybe keep this piece. Since her dresser, mirrors and nightstands are creating the most weight in the space (and dating it as well), I'm suggesting we just keep my dad's old (taller) dresser. I've suggested we re-think her closet organization to pick up extra storage space.

Moms existing pieces and space.

Selections I feel strongest about to transform her space.
She's hired the painter - so away we go!

My dad's old dresser can give the space a little more interest in its different height, plus maintain some of her storage. She's wanting to add back a TV, which a medium sized flat screen could work on top of it to the left, and have one of her favorite flowers, an orchid, to its right. I'd like to refinish the piece in either a distressed antique white (against the cappuccino walls) or go for the Jacobean stain. It has lattice detail paneled doors that could work with the antique white, or maybe I'd remove the lattice and replace with mirrors and the Jacobean stain. I put two examples of the finishes on the boards I'll send to her - to get the overall look of the space, and make it easier for her to visualize.

General concept of the look, but still with window panel options.

Because of her room layout and traffic patterns to the bathroom and closet, the bed will remain tucked under the window, but finally with a headboard. I found an oatmeal colored tufted suede headboard on QVC for only $175, which could pop off the cappuccino walls - or go with an espresso wood headboard - but I thought the tufted would be a softer, more feminine look. I already had gotten and gave to her as a gift all the bed & bath linens about two or three years ago (I told you she has a fear of change) so this will help with the budget. To help open up the space on either side of the bed, I'm really liking the look of the Genoa tables I found online at (but for less on The shelves can hold books (she's always reading something!), her glasses, and a small storage box for treasures.

Inspirational concepts for beds on a window wall & tufted headboards.

Soft peaches and pinks, inspired from her shells, will also add a feminine touch to the space. To personalize the space and give a little storage with an open feel, I've suggested the wall between the closet and bathroom doors be stacked with floating shelves. This can be a great place to display her some mementos, my aunt Mary's antique clock, sepia printed family photos and shells. (Now if I could only convince her to go for a simple semi-flush mount drum shade light fixture to replace the old turbo-winded ceiling fan lol). I also am challenged with convincing her to go full height with window panels. She's never had them - OR ANY - and she thinks she should just go with 84" vs. 96".... (sigh) Oh mom....

Vero's space is much more updated than my moms, but still a challenge none-the-less. I'd like to bring the bed over to the window wall so it can be the focal point of the space when you enter. I'd do wall-to-wall panels and sheers (no view out the window - only the roof and neighbors nasty overgrown yard). I've already purchased a pair of tri-color window panels online at JCP, a pair of mercury glass ball table lamps with black shades from Pier One, and a gorgeous black drum shade & crystal chandelier I found at eBay. She said she wanted a romantic look, but still comfortable and clean. She also said she was OK with the wall color, but I am thinking of continuing the tri color band from the windows to the walls - don't know yet.

Currently, the bed is facing the bathroom doorway (with the TV mounted ABOVE the door), so I'm looking to have it relocated onto the wall between the closet and entrance door. If it stays where it is at - I will still make it work (perhaps a lovely sunburst mirror over the bed??) Ironically, some of the wall art I had included on my first room-board concept for the space, she actually has them in storage, but with more ornate frames. We'll hopefully be taking a trip up to her storage place, and even if the art is reframed to be used in this space, it could help save money with the budget.

Vero's Sophisticated Master Treat

I'm sourcing the rug for a less price or another design option - this one is from This rug will work very well to balance a feminie touch, pairing the chandeleir with the masculine furniture and tri color bands of the window panels.

It will also soften the feel of the 18"x18" tile floor. Her artwork can also help to personalize her space. In the niches on either side of the bathroom door, I'm planning two full legnth framed mirrorrs and mini pendents.

The sun is shining today - so time to get crack-a-lackin'!
Happy Monday and have a great week!!


  1. Linda ,these projects seem rather mind blowing especially the one for your mum.It evoques me tenderness and nostalgia...tenderness toward
    the smallest things.The color squeme is beautiful.To put capuccino and old white together is a true guaranteed successs !!.Capuccino ,Tobacco and "mouse back " are among my favorite colors .They look like the perfect canvas to paint onto .Thank you so much for sharing Linda !

  2. I love how you put together the mood boards - what program do you use to do it, and how are you framing it like that? Rebecca

  3. Thanks so much for visiting Ari!!! I can't wait to share your feedback with my mom =)

    Rebecca: Thanks!! I've been using - they are a free mood board service I found earlier this summer. They have items to choose from, or you can also upload your own. Your board can be saved as private or public - it very user friendly!!

    After I make a board and it's saved on Olio, I right click to save image to my PC - then I go to, Sharpen the image, add a frame called Museum Matt, and save in two sizes: 700, for blog posts, and 350 for the upper blog sidebar and bottom of the blog.

    Hope this helps!!

    :D Lynda

  4. Lynda,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love your blog, your work is amazing, you're very talented. I'll be stopping by for daily inspiration.



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