Last night, I started to lose my lifeline. Since last December, I've been utilizing my smart phone as my camera and I think it crashed last night. I have an HTC Eris (Andriod) and I love it! I've always enjoyed taking photos, but I was usually annoyed by the time it took to upload pics from my camera to the computer. And since our computer began to get short on space this year as well, uploading photos from the phone directly to flickr not only saved time, it saved some space on the computer. It's gotten "stuck" before (in a somewhat perpetual state of rebooting itself on) but not like last night. And I've been getting an error message all day advising me to free up some storage space on the SD card when there is plenty of space still on it. It won't even allow me to see all the photos (the gridded album) for me to know what's left on it. I even deleted some applications to clear the cache.  Be that as it may - it's delayed today's posting. I 'think' I did manage to retrieve all the photos (v e r y  s l o w l y . . .SO here's a sneak peek of some winter white holiday in our home this year - I'll post more about tomorrow...

Sephora's Silent Nite
(until 4am when she decides to whack the lower ornaments)



Digging for treasures...

Posing for the camera...

Found the sweet spot!

Besides Sephora being a big part of this years
white Christmas decor, here's a few helpful tips too:

Colorblock section by section, take a step back
and edit edit edit...

If your lighter goes out on you while lighting candles - don't fret!
Go old school and light pasta - just be careful to catch the charred pieces.

Best holiday decor investment ever:
Remote control plug adapters. We even use them for everyday lights.
Makes it REAL EASY to shut down
Broadway when all you want to do is go upstairs and go to sleep.

Better pics to be posted tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek...


  1. Those remote control light switches are the best!

  2. I do believe Miss Sephora is the cutest little fluffy white ball of fur I've ever seen!

  3. Awwwwww! Your kitty is so cute! My cats love to sleep under the Christmas tree too. Must be a cat thing!

  4. Thanks!! She was funny too. She sat and watched everything happening, and when it was done, Sephora went right under the tree, found a spot, and was out like a light!

    So much personality and 'really' a TRUE "JOY" throughout the year

    :D Lynda

  5. LOL.........seems cats like to lay under the tree, because ours does too. Of course she doesn't blend in like Sephora does! Love the remote idea. Why didn't I think of that? :)

    oh yeah.........that throw looks so cozy!

  6. Your cat is adorable and fits perfectly in the white Christmas concept as well- so a win- win ! hahaha.She is just like mine- why do they like to sleep underneath the Christmas tree?I suppose they figure they look extra cute and get more cuddles that way :-)



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