Through the use of color from paint and textiles, I've been transitioning the mood of our home - from Summer to Fall. One of the items I revamped were a pair of old fitting room stools that were about to be purged after a stores remodel. Funny thing is, I did have them before (in my old apartment), but when I had moved out, I donated them. So when I found out they were available again, I salvaged them. Before keeping them though, I did try to sell them at the garage sale for only $5 each... but they had no takers. It's just as well - Sephora loves sitting and sleeping on them now. Here's a look at this simple project...

Stools AFTER

Easy to remove cushions: Just unscrew from the bottom.

Using the spray handle will ensure even coverage. I like to start my paint projects from the underside first, let dry, and flip it. This helps make sure you don't miss any spots - and helps save your back from hunching over to look for those missed spots.

Before I put down my drop cloths in the grass, I put down some wood boards (old shelves) to give me a flatter work surface - especially because our backyard is so close to a berm - the ground slopes.

LOVE the new finish & color!
Then it was deciding to stay neutral with chocolate, or pop it with red. Since I recently revamped my black thrifted buffet in red on the other side of the room (to be posted shortly!), I went with the red here to help balance the color in the space.

While cleaning out closets for the garage sale, I had found some fabric I've had and had gotten probably five years ago - but never braved the task of recovering what they were intended for: the dining room chairs. I'm glad I waited. Loving these colors for Fall this year...

After deciding which color fabric to go with, I went to my usual space I work on projects: The Kitchen Floor. I used a sheet to cover the floor / area rug to try to minimize lint getting on the fabric. After cutting the fabric squares, I noticed a few fold creases. To get out the creases from these folds, I spritzed the fabric, and ironed it on THE REVERSE side - because chenille has a nap (those tiny little hairs giving it texture).

When stapling the fabric to the cushion, it is VERY important to start at centers on ALL four sides - pulling the fabric taught - BEFORE working the corners...

Work opposite sides, and then opposites again for a tight fit.
Fold in corners and cut off excess fabric.

Since I didn't remove the previous fabric - but covered over it - the recovered cushions had a REALLY snug fit. So snug, I pounded them with the bottom of my hand palm. You could also use a mallet, or just cover a hammer-head with a towel.

Sephora on the stools the other night watching the VMA's while I was tweeting it :)
Here's a quick checklist of supplies...

So if you're into dumpster diving, or looking for a different source for some furniture freebies - don't hesitate to check around your local department stores. It also doesn't hurt to pop in and ask for the Manager of the Day, or the Visual Manager to ask them if they have any tables, chairs, stools, or even old artwork in frames they are looking to purge - TRUST ME - they are always throwing things away. This is a great save to our landfills and also a great save to help furnish your space on a budget. Heck  if you have a booth or shop, ask them if they have any extra fixtures too.

Sephora REALLY likes them...

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  1. Agreed. I love salvaged especially when I cane make it over.

  2. Love the new finish and the stools are wonderful. The red is perfect. Hugs, Marty

  3. You did a great job with them, they are obviously meant to be with you so you could work your magic :)

  4. Lisa (Plantation Sunset)August 31, 2011 at 2:24 PM

    I love these so much and so simple. I would have snapped them up at your garage sale. They were meant to be yours:) I got some really great bargains when the Saks closed at Galleria Mall a few years ago. I wish we were still in that part of Florida for the great shopping and thrifting places. Sephora looks like she approves of them and doesn't she look so tres' chic against the Red.

  5. Love the makeover of the stools. The red is such a dynamic color and perfect for fall.

  6. GREAT post with great tips! It's such a great life skill to be able to see the potential for beauty in everything!

  7. THANK YOU very much Robin!! xo And thanks also Marty, Tonia, Lisa, Sarah, and confetistyle for taking the time to comment :)

    Lisa - I really thought for sure they would have sold... Sephora loves them, and I guess yes - they were meant to be here :)

    xo Lynda

  8. VERY chic. Love a good clean line as much as a good curvy. Plse come share at Market Mon. Your tutorial was soooo great.

  9. Love what you did with these...they are stunning!

  10. Love !!where did u get that leopard pillow?



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