Not all thrifting expeditions have to require a U-haul, borrowing a friends truck, or strapping your latest treasure to your car roof. Some of those small details that can make a big difference can be found while thrift shopping. Not that you want your home to look like Sanford & Son's or the latest episode of HOARDERS... but here are some thought starters that won't break the bank or your back:

Silver and gold details, when polished -
 can make your table shine!

Out of the blue, a thrift item could
be the source for your next decor color choice...

Thrifting can be a source for tablescaping ideas...

Even get inspired by special B&W details, animal prints
or if the price is right stock up on versatile everyday white dishes...

Not all thrifting details are for tables or shelves -
Mixing woods, illustrations and metals can make for
an interesting wall collection and sometimes
the deal on a frame itself can be too good to pass up:
just change out the art to your own
(scored the top left for only $3)

Vintage finds can also add personality to your collections -
or start a hunt for a new collection- like cameras for a photographer...

or typewriters for a journalist, writer,
or as a nod to the past for a computer whiz...

Even some thrift finds can be paired with something new,
and create an exciting new palette for an upcoming seasonal change...
(Dress prints: Target. Glass leaves and metal trivets: local Salvation Army)

Thrifting can be a fun source for creativity - why keep it bottled-up?

So put your thinking caps on
and arm yourself with an open mind...

because you just never know, what you might find...

All finds featured above I found while walking through
Goodwill stores, Salvation Army, and Stoneage Antiques - Miami.
ALSO: Check out this previous post for more Tips on shopping thrift.

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. We will be in SOuth Florida soon...I may have to check out that antique place in Miami...never been to it. Great tips here Lynda!

  2. Thanks Deb!! Maybe when you're down - we could go together! Would love to meet you Debbie-Doo!

    Thanks for stopping by -
    :D Lynda

  3. Love this! Hitting the local thrift shops is always what I do when I am in need of inspiration - but then I miss my old store!



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