I hope everyone had a great weekend - attacking projects, lounging by the pool - or even hitting some of the end of season SALES (SHOPPING TIP: July is a GREAT TIME to stock up on seasonal decor for next year - stores are beginning to transition from summer to fall this month!!) If you're not shopping but looking around to be inspired by some more make-over projects to do this coming weekend, I've linked-up with two link parties happening today you may want to check out:

Roeshel over at The DIY Showoff is having a

And over at Between Naps on the Porch is

I just started linking to these parties last week - as a means of connecting with more people, sharing some of my projects or tips and learning about so many other great projects happening out there in blog-land. I had never attended them before, but because Debbie of DebbieDoos blogspot had suggested I should during a blogging & feed-back for Focal Point post - I went ahead and have tried it out.

Sharing the before & after of our dining room makeover
created from remixing left-over paint.

The feedback I received was very positive (thank you again - especially from following me since I first started posting on HGTV's Rate My Space!!) Even though the post was made a few weeks ago, this past Friday I received the most heart-felt and touching email from one of the RMS followers who now reads the blog - I'd like to share some of her comments, questions and my answers in an upcoming post. It's funny - you never know who is reading these things and just how many people a picture or a post can help =).

AFTER: Dining Room renewed in navy for Fall.

BEFORE: Dining Room accent wall in
2010 color trend TURQUOISE.

I actually also met up with a flickr group connection and her blog at a Tablescape Thursday link party last week: Michelle of Sweet Something Designs (Michelle also has a Sweet Something Designs Etsy shop) She's really great at styling and photography - check out her blog and her Etsy too...

Tablestyle by Michelle of Sweet Something Designs

As mentioned above, some of those great end of season sales are happening now - one being at the beloved POTTERY BARN. It's kind hard to believe how many items I've actually collected over the years from shopping their end of season sales. I've gotten TONS of pillow covers at a steal for under $10 (including LEATHER!) I've gotten $100 window panels for only $24 (at about 96" with backing - unheard of!) great cozy throws, metal vases & chargers, container fillers, candles and even holiday decor like my two favorite iced branches.

Now is a great time to gather up some of those
summer details to create
classic coastal looks next year, or maybe even
find some natural details
to transition your existing decor into fall...

Happy Hunting and
don't forget to check-out the link-parties!


  1. I love all of this inspiration!! And the paint mixing is giving me ideas. Thanks!

  2. You're very welcome Jen T! Thanks for stopping by!

    :D Lynda



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