Not too long ago, I had joined a group on CasaSugar called, "Lovely Little Vignettes". Keeping the "LOVE" in mind, yesterday I posted a vignette I had put together back in February - and it got FEATURED today on CasaSugar!! That is so cool... CasaSugar - "You've Got The LOVE!"

The details of the vignette are:

•I used three canvases as the backdrop. The large centered canvas is covered with a five dollar shower curtain — fell in LOVE with the print! The two smaller canvases on the left and right were painted turquoise using paint from accent wall opposite this space.

•The black and white wedding photos on the Brooklyn Bridge in matted frames were picked up at craft store for five dollars each.

•The red LOVE Robert Indiana sculpture wedding photo was captured in NYC.

•Another photo of same LOVE sculpture in NYC (behind the bowl) was taken when we were engaged.

•The iconic I ♥ New York logo from a gift bag. I used it b/c we were married in NYC and I do LOVE New York!

•The ball lamps from Ross were red — fell in LOVE with their shape! I spray painted them white and added white shades from Ikea.
•The Regency-style candlesticks were picked up for five dollars while thrifting. They were brass, but fell in LOVE with their style! I spray painted them glossy white and added red candles for one dollar.

•The coral in the bowl we brought back from our first lovely wedding anniversary trip in Key Largo.

•The Tiffany bowl was a house warming gift from our realtor — who doesn't LOVE Tiffany?

•The books were both five dollars and picked up at Salvation Army. LOVE a good deal!

•The white spotted glass vase was also five dollars from BigLots. And yes, I'm sorry, the flowers are faux. But the bunch was only five dollars at a craft store, and I LOVE that I have it to reuse again and again.

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check-out CasaSugar.

Thanks for the sweet LOVE CasaSugar!!

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Color Outside the Lines (on 8/13)


  1. CONGRATS on the shout out.........your work definitely deserves tons of recognition.
    You rock!!

  2. Thank You SO much Jill!! I had popped on to look-up the Sneak Peek of Fall for Pottery Barn they had posted about two weeks ago - and saw this posted - I was so happy!! =) woo-hoo!!

    :D Lynda

  3. Wow! Congrats! YOu do such great work! And thrisfy too!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  4. whoops: what I meant:)LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Have been a huge fan since our RMS days! This vignette is gorgeous! If you wouldn't mind doing me a favor though - (I know this is a prior post) but if you wouldn't mind linking back to Vignette Fridays that'd be FANTASTIC! Thanks so much for participating this week! I'm so stoked! YAY! Hope you'll join us again next week, and the next, and the next, and the ...

  6. LOL! Nevermind. Jumping the gun ... stil, and the next ... and the next ... and the ...

  7. LOL - Must have crossed links while in the process Artie! By all means - you're linked back here - and I'll post in my sidebar! THANK YOU so much for the invite! Glad to have found another party - and it's FRESH for FRIDAY! Thanks for stopping by - LOVE your blog!!

    :D Lynda

  8. Well done...I like that it tells s story about you!



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