Since we are season-less in South Florida (hot, hotter, and hottest) I love styling our home to reflect a season - but not all decor items I use are so literal. Adding natural elements is a great way to add a little texture or a change to your interior styling. Natural elements are also a way to be able to reuse some items from season to season or to mix with your existing elements. Think about it: Grapevine chargers used to resemble birds nests in the Spring can be reused for a coastal look mixed with shells & starfish for Summer, a woodsy style mixed with acorns & dried leaves for Fall and natural look mixed with pine cones & mercury glass for winter sparkle at Holiday.

Pottery Barn

Some ways or items to incorporate natural decor into your mix is by adding elements such as a rattan chair, woven storage ottomans, woven storage boxes, wood & woven wall art, twine detailed frames, wood-carved ethnic masks, salvaged woods, wood or bamboo chargers, wood or woven bowls, carved wood boxes, woven urns, vintage woven bottles, woven trays, drift wood accents, corks, and even some skins or rusted beer caps linked into a chain as art...

Pier 1

Pier 1

Pier 1

Stoneage Antiques & Pier 1

Pier 1 & Out Of The Closet Thrift

STRIPE at Miami's 20th Century Row

Decades & West Elm

Rusted beer caps linked into a chair as art - Stripe
Skin print glass vessel - Pier 1

M.A.D.E. & Stripe

JCP & Stoneage Antiques

Marshalls Home-Goods & Habitat Re-Store

So while you're out & about, "just looking" for that something special to jazz-up your decor, consider adding something a little natural. It works great with both modern or traditional decor - just don't get carried away and pile too much of any one texture...


West Elm & Thrift

Old corks & PB vintage woven bottles

Plenty of stores carry various versions of natural decor: vintage, thrift, discounters, specialty chain and big box stores. And with end of season clearance sales happening now, you can really snag up some deals during your hunting and gathering...

Also keep in mind, reusing items other than it was originally intended - For example: placemats as picture frame mattes or use them to re-cover a lampshade - so you can create a look all your own. And not all natural items need to be bought. When your community is trimming back trees, pick up a few of the branches to add style & drama to an existing container or urn you may already have...

Happy Hunting!!!


  1. I love adding natural materials. It really helps take the shine off. Love the vintage woven bottles.

  2. Right? I like more shine at holiday - but less the rest of the year - You're right! And those great bottles are from PB!!

    Thanks for stopping by...
    :D Lynda



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