As with many, when I first got the courage to start posting photos of my restyles & makeovers, I started on HGTV.COM's Rate My Space - back in late 2007. At the time, it was the only place I knew of to post photos, get feedback, view other interiors, share ideas - as well as collide with a few unpleasant encounters. Although they now have a 'favorites' button, they don't quite have the capability to organize ideas you find along the way.

My first post on HGTV.COM's - Rate My Space 2007
One of my initial posts to HOUZZ.COM six months ago -
added to a featured ideabook -

But behold HOUZZ.COM for coming up with that lovely feature! A friend of mine (Adrianna), from high school - whom I've reconnected with through facebook - turned me on to this site - and I LOVE IT!! It's been a terrific source for ideas as well as a place to share personal creations. Weekly, their staff of contributors pull together ideabooks featured on their front page. You can also subscribe to have the newest ideabooks - with commentaries - sent to your email. I just started posting some of my photos to their site about six months ago, and I'm honored to have been added to some of their featured houzz ideabooks:

ideabook by: designaholic & blogger
Layla of the Lettered Cottage

ideabook by: design consultant
Margaret Everton of bonbonliving.com

ideabook by: writer & blogger Kathry Nvercillo

ideabook by: designer Jennifer of
Niche Interiors - San Fransisco

Have you ever been to houzz.com? These ideabooks mentioned here are only a few of the many featured on houzz. So if you're getting in the mood to update your home, you aren't seeing much in magazines that strikes your fancy, and you enjoy browsing at decor-porn - checkout houzz.com. It's so incredibly organized, you can even sort through photos by styles and by popular locations, sort between home-owners or professionals, and make a few style books of your own or even share your own creations.

I still can't get over how this one photo has been added to
over 542 ideabooks on their site!!

Ava Living is another site to check-out home interiors and read feature postings. I think I started posting on there in April this year. Flickr also has SEVERAL interior decor groups where people post photos of their styling or design work: Decor8's Interior Styling, Michelle Lee West's Design Notebook Gallery, and Nathy's Fine Design - are just to name a few.

Do you have any favorite online sources for inspiration?
Apply yourself and surprise yourself!


  1. It's so great you are getting the recognition that you deserve! I like to look thru Houzz.com but I wish it had a recently added feature (at least I don't know if they do) one day I spent hours looking at stuff. And I don't like how I can't save pics and email them to myself.

  2. Where have I been? I haven't heard of any of these but am getting ready to check them out. I've just been blogging since March. I have soooo much to learn. Thanks for your help and I like your work.

  3. Lynda..., your cool blue table setting is part of this post:
    Nautical and Beach Theme Table Settings

    I'm also loving the idea of the frozen blueberries..., I'm going to do that!!!

  4. I've admired your spaces on Rate My Space for a while now. Glad to have found your blog :)


  5. Thanks Emily!! Glad you found it too - Thanks for following... CC - I'll go check it out - The blueberries are a "cool" thing!

    :D Lynda



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