Beginning today, the Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) will be featuring a special design event every Thursday until August 5 (the day before my birthday!!) I'm headed to the kick off today for this International Design Series attending the Outdoor Chic Affair featuring a Keynote Presentation Garden Party and a book signing by Juan Montoya. Juan Montoya will also be a part of the panel of judges for the DCOTA's first Outdoor Chic Tablescape Competition -


Pepe Calderin
The Design Center Of the Americas (DCOTA) will be hosting the first outdoor Chic Tablescape Contest highlighting design creativity and showcasing the wide-ranging resources offered throughout the center. Top designers will work hand in hand with sponsoring showrooms to create eye catching tabletop looks from casual to extravagant.

The Designers will include:

Aldo Puschendorf - Puschendorf interiors
Joseph Fava - Fava Design group
Jay Britto - J. Britto Designs
Osirys Mendez - mendez international & assoc.
Alfredo Brito - Brito interiors
Eloise Kubli - ASID - Collective Construction & Design
Alex Matamoros - ASID - DCOTA Design services
Antonio Cabrera - antonio caberera interior Design

Other panel members attending will be Virginia Alarcon - International Interior Designer and Pepe Calderin - International Interior & Fashion Designer. Many of Pepe's designs are featured on categorized under Miami - Modern design.

Pepe Calderin

Pepe Calderin

Pepe Calderin

Also attending the event will be another designer - a friend I met through facebook - Gloria De Lourdes Blalock. Although she was born in Cuba, she was raised in Miami and is here for the month visiting Miami (she LOVES Miami!!), family, friends, and attending the International Design Series at the DCOTA. It's going to be great to meet her in person - she is a beautiful person full of hope, love, spirit and JOY!!
Although I have been featuring Thursday's as Thrifty Thursdays, today will be the exception for the event... with pictures to follow tomorrow...

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Very cool.........I have never seen an infinity tub before.



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