With all the Internet, blog, magazine pics and clippings I pulled together for this weeks red white and blue posts, I not only got inspired, but scored a new find: a $1 lamp to love. I've had a great shade stored in the garage I found over a year ago (at Marshalls for only $7), but hadn't found the right lamp (at the right price) to work with it. Since my shopping excursions have been put a hold for a bit, I set out yesterday up to Faith Farm Thrift in Ft.Lauderdale to see if I could find a good deal....

Inside the Faith Farm Thrift accessories tent...
TONS of old record albums,
and kind of funny to see all the TV's - so neatly displayed

Scored a great driftwood-like finished frame for only $3
(one of my beachy photos will work great in here!)


I was expecting to pay $5, so when I was told only $1 - I jumped on it (and checked to see that it works and it does)!! I also found a terrific weathered frame (like the gray of driftwood) with a great matt for only $3. The lamp must have been green before, so opting to paint it white is a Re-DIY... but it's just what the shade needed...

As I mentioned I've been wanting to do, I dug into my box of blues and found some other previous scores to work with a room transformation...

Shower curtain (upper print) - Marshalls - $7
Table cloth (lower left print) - Marshalls - $3
Stripe pillow cover - C&B - $3
Textured Pillow cover - C&B - $5
TIP: Shop end of season clearance one year to stock up for the next
(thankfully - I already had all this stuff! and although I don't "need" it - what I DO need is to be able TO create things...)

Sneak Peak

Although I'm not in the market for furniture, I spotted some other hip finds (opportunities to be makeover gems!!)

These would be a great add to Danenberg Antiques!!

This find was only $45!!

Along with the round up of clippings this week, I found these three wonderful and patriotic DIY's on blogs:

DIY from The Picky Apple

found over at The picky Apple
(after setting up a tablescape today, I'm going to attempt this project! I'm
usually not really a crafty person, but this seems rather therapeutic!!)

DIY found at Under The Table Dreaming

found over at Under the Table Dreaming

Stephanie really knows how
to give excellent step-by-step
photos and instructions to her DIY projects!

another fabulous DIY found at Under the Table Dreaming

Stephanie says, "The list price on this beautiful piece
of work is $129 (in a popular catalog) 
and I was able to create this
look-a-like version for just under $7.00."

DIY from Under The Table Dreaming

One more find I scored yesterday was at the Salvation Army. They hold a special sale every week called Wacky Wednesday, and although it's signed all clothing half off, I lucked out an got this Bicentennial relic for $4!

My federal-find and it's from 1976!!

(Earlier this week I mentioned '76 was the July 4th
I remember the most - Check out the post:
Sometime Just Look Back To Your Past)

Federal-style chandelier $12,000 from Thomas Lavin
vs. my federal-find of $4 for the 4th! (NOTE: This is not a knock on Lavin, but come on - that chandelier could pay off a persons CC debt today!)

I may have passed up the Federal find, if it wasn't for the great American spirited Market Place feature in the July issue of Traditional Home...

Love it! Ralph Lauren's striped table lamp, "Delphene"
is $1000 and my lamp find was just $1!

Hope you're as inspired as I am
to create something special for the coming July 4th!!
Happy Thrifty Thursday!

Joined the link party over at Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday


  1. Love the lamp - very very creative! M

  2. The lamp looks awesome on your buffet in the dining room there!

  3. Thanks ladies!!
    Glad you enJOYed the Lamp Love!!

    :D Lynda

  4. Very nice, it looks awesome! What a's almost like why bother just give it to you:) Have a great weekend Lynda!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my flag wreath!! I'm not a very crafty person, but I had so much fun making this wreath. It really couldn't be any easier.

  6. Thanks Pam and Debbie for stopping by and showing your lamp love!! Cara - LOVE LOVE LOVE your flag wreath!! You inspired me to get crafty with this project - I should be knocking out today!

    Happy to have shared it here and on FB!
    Happy July 4th to you all!!
    :D Lynda

  7. I've only recently started to appreciate blue and want to incorporate it into my decor. That lamp is PERFECTION!!!!!!! Also loving your other thrifty finds!! Wondering how I could persuade you to come transform my home, hmmmm..... ;)



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