Think your everyday white dishes can't be made into something special? Think again - A simple gathering of items you may already have around the house, finally putting to use items you may have picked up in your travels, and a few items from the local dollar store can create a tastefully styled tablescape, both saluting summer and the American spirit.

Start by pulling together all RED WHITE & BLUE items from around your home. Keep your favorite magazine or catalog clippings handy - not to copy, but to keep your focus. Put all your items together on your cleared dining table. Take some time to play with combinations to give yourself a clear vision. Clear the table, and stack your findings nearby your work space - stack your goodies on the stairs and in the kitchen. Pulling all these things together first will save time later when you are inspired - or when the light goes off in your head (hence no hunting in the middle of your "groove").

The key to styling is all in how you EDIT. Not everything needs to be used, at least here on your table. Save some space on the table for food. Think ahead as to if you use an item, where is it going to go when your guest sit?

Maybe a nearby buffet can take an item or two, to help pull together the look in your space. But again, NOT every space needs to be littered with trinkets and tributes. Show your spine - collect books and remove their jackets to reveal your ideal color scheme - red white and blue. Top your stack with a thrift store federal find (only $4) of an eagle etched glass container from 1976. To highlight the etching, simply fill the vessel with water, add a drop or two of blue food dye and three tea lights (remove from tin & they will float) and a simple chic Federal-inspired accent as been created.

A collection of B&W beach photography on walls helps set a coastal summer style. This is also a great way to incorporate some of those special shots you've captured in your travels. (The two at the top I captured in St. Augustine.)

This is a great time of year to pull out those striped curtain panels. Pull them out of storage two years later and the old can seem new again. Wreaths aren't the only item to hang on your door. This string of starfish was picked up as a souvenir when in Key West. The simple addition of a patriotic scarf gives a new look to "Stars and Stripes".

Holiday spirit to...

coastal style

Think of different ways to use of other household items - shower curtains, pillow cases, bandannas, dishtowels. A clean or new shower curtain can be used as a table cover- which was the inspiration for this set. Layer table runners, placemats or chargers to create interest in your scheme. The pattern in this curtain was a great jumping off point to create two looks plus a third using traditional table runners...



to use as beverage chillers.


 This 'These Colors Don't Run' set is styled with three table runners already on hand (2 white & 1 red). Dollar store bandannas can become napkins. Patriotic kitchen towels can also be used as napkins, or simply drape them onto slip covered chair-backs for a simple detail. A favorite budget decor updater to your chair backs is to use pillow cases as slipcovers.

Simple patriotic dollar store paper lanterns turned upside down in small planters help to give some height to the tablescape. Another dollar store score was one made three years ago: simple clear plates with red white and blue stars on the rim. Layered on the white dishes, it adds to the spirit of the style. For an updated twist on your red white blue color scheme: add a shot of turquoise.

If you usually don’t decorate with red (except at holiday) opt to pick up some faux flowers at the craft store. You can reuse these at holiday, thereby giving more bang for your buck. If you have a steady income coming in - go for real. Again, souvenir shells collected over the years from travels helped add a coastal look to this to salute summer.

God Bless America!!!
Thanks for visiting and I hope the tips help!
Have a Happy 4th of July Weekend!
(And enJOY your last days of summer for Labor Day Weekend!!)

NOTE: Although I created this post for July 4th - it can be used for any patriotic placesetting you'd want to create - like for this upcoming Labor Day Weekend - the true last hoorah! to summertime...

All styling and photos by Lynda Quintero-Davids

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  1. VERY cool! I saw Sephora on the window sill....Skittles says hi!

  2. aaawww thanks Jill! Hi Skittles - meow!
    Have a Fabulous 4th!!

    :D Lynda

  3. Looks great! I really love all of the details!

  4. Great ideas, it all looks so nice! I love the blue colors and specially the fabric in the 1st picture. Yummy!

    have a lovely day!

  5. Thanks Pam, Angie & Tiina!! Glad you enjoyed it and hope you had a FAB 4th!!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    :D Lynda

  6. great looking table/room, love the bonus kitty!

  7. Thanks for all of the great tips in your post. I love all of the ideas you gave. thanks for sharing with us today!

  8. Hi Lynda, I was hoping to see you here sometime! I had already viewed these beautiful pictures via flickr, but I'm glad you made it to the party! :) Great job!

  9. Great tutorial on putting together a festive table! I see you got some of those great Pier 1 twig stars. I saw them, didn't get them, then went back -- and they were gone! Lesson learned.

  10. My head is spinning with ideas. Great post and wonderful tables!

  11. I really enjoyed all the little details included on this post. Lovely table!

  12. You did a really great job putting everything together. I really like your plates! Mary

  13. Thanks ladies!! Nice to meet you - thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed the "tutorial", "ideas", and "details"... (oh! and the bonus kitty: she is Sephora)

    :D Lynda

  14. Just fabulous from start to finish. Love your perfectly coordinated kitty darling. Beautiful blog!

  15. Gorgeously Patriotic, love it!
    Going to go do my Labor Day table now for next weeks showing. Enjoy your weekend!
    Great blog too!

  16. Nice job on the tables! Have a great weekend.

  17. Thanks ladies for stopping by!
    Glad ya liked it! Have a great weekend!

    :D Lynda

  18. Frozen blueberries...great tip. Thanks for a well constructed tutorial for tablescaping. Your results are stunning. Cherry Kay

  19. Thanks Cherry Kay! I think I actually spotted that tip from a Walmart summer commercial - and it actually works! Thanx for stopping by!

    :D Lynda

  20. I'm a new follower from the Centerpiece Wednesdays!

    Your blog is wonderful and I'm so glad I found it.

    Happy Fall & nice to meet you!

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  21. Lovely Americana and beachy combination.
    Really like it....very stylish and very pretty!
    Blessings, Nellie

  22. This is a post just brimming with patriotic themes and fabulous tips! I am taking in all the great detail with a friendly price tag! I love your suggestions about editing! I need that one.
    Thanks for all the inspriation here!
    So nice to meet you.

  23. You've inspired me with a bunch of ideas! Love the collection of books on the mantle! I'm going on a hunt to see if I can come up with something similar! Thank you for so many great ideas!

  24. Oh, my goodness! Spectacular designs, gorgeous elements you've used to create and excute such amazing Patriotic tablescape! Cheers to you!! You've inspired me with ideas for my 4th. July tablescape, too! Love the plates you've chosed for it. Thanks for sharing. I'm also at TT at, BNOTP.
    Hugs, FABBY



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