Did ya see it??? Donald Draper, decor, design and fashion for Season 4 of MAD MEN on AMC last night!! I'd like to locate some newer pics of the new set. None posted yet, but I'm sure the blogosphere will be inundated with Mad Men Mid-Century details shortly. The new office set seemed a little lighter and brighter for this season. I'm totally in love with the steel suede blue wall that was up behind the bloody mid-century modern sofa in Donald's new office - which is a refreshing change after the dark paneling of the agency's set before.

I'm looking forward to also learning more about Amy Wells - Mad Men set decorator - and discovering a few of her fave hot-spots to shop vintage. In the meantime, check out these sites for more about the past set designs: The Mid-Century Modernist,, and

Hype for the premiere was not only on AMC, facebook and twitter - Banana Republic launched a Mad Men Style Casting Call earlier this past week (July 21) and will run through August 21 - which is also when the store will officially transfer into their fall set. For right now - enjoy their still light-weight but layered pallets of cool-steel blue gray and black along with refreshing pops of purple as well featured for their stylish new work looks...

Banana Republic store pics captured at
the Pembroke Pines location.

So what did you think of
the Mad Men season premiere?
Or where you off watching the
blue bomb set off at
the Trump Tower on Design Star?

Happy Monday!

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  1. I've never posted a comment on a blog, but I just had to write to tell you that I totally agree on the set design. This morning, after watching Mad Men a day late, I immediately Googled the blue suede walls. They were brilliant! In scene after scene, I found myself as captured by the decor and the costumes as I was by what the actors were saying. :) It was a all a real treat.



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