YUP.... got inspired again - last week while putting together red white blue posts. I mentioned I'd been wanting to dig into my box of blue, so I did. Last week I put a few new combinations together using BLUE. But not turquoise blue... to transition from summer into fall, I'm going with more indigo, navy and blueberry. To finish off summer, the blues will continue to be paired with white, along with a few natural touches like rope, rattan or wood - and adding more shells...

Around this time of year, I love pulling out the shells we've collected from our travels... The two large starfish we picked up in the Bahamas back when we were dating. All the mini shells in glass containers on shelves or in Tiffany bowl (housewarming gift from our Realtor) on front entry sideboard - we collected while walking the beaches of Sanibel and Marco Island last year.

Key West, Sanibel & Marco Island souveniers...

Bahama's starfish & Key West shell souveniers...

Two years ago, I brought back white corals from our anniversary  trip in Key Largo. This year, I picked up the starfish on a rope, two small conchs, and three conical shells, I added to a bowl of shells. I also had picked up a flat fan-like shell (sorry - I don't know the name - YET!) with the vision of being able to use it as a dish for a tablescape.

Two Key West conchs... lol

TIP: Accessorize with meaning - pick up souvenirs with purpose:
The vision to enhance your decor & make your house a home...

Key Largo coaral souvenier...

One of the best ways to accessorize and personalize your home is by using those photos from your travels, hopefully captured with a detail in your decor (for example: beach shots in coastal decor).

But even if you don't have beach shots,
old beach posters can get a new look by switching frames

Since most of the shells have been collected from our mainly Florida anniversary trips, yesterday I updated several framed photos we've captured from our trips (like pics of us on the Seven Mile Bridge). I have a few more pics to frame, the "reveal" will be coming shorty...

The $1 lamp find last week works perfect with this palette!

And to transition these blues into fall, the blue will be paired with
more grays, browns and blacks... Speaking of adding black to blue, I'm going to make use of the left over blue paint (from last year) and add some left over black paint to it to darken it - and say bye-bye to the turquoise wall!

Hope you enJOYed a wonderful extended weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by the sneak peek!
Stay tuned for the summer reveal!!


  1. I am in love with the lamp shade!!! Well I'm in love with everything you do but right now really loving the lampshade! ;)

  2. Can't wait to see it altogether! I was on Sanibel Island many many many years ago when I was 17!

  3. What a refreshing change from turquoise - not that I don't love turquoise. But this deeper blue paired with white is crisp, clean and timeless. Love this look!

  4. Love your single shell displays, very elegant!



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