For one last Easter tablescape idea, I used my white bargain bunnies, having them hop along a graphic black and white table runner (from HomeGoods) and play peek-a-boo between three repurposed white glossy Ikea pots. The white pots pop with pink hydrangeas, picking up on the simple pink napkins I picked up at Pier 1. A mix of textured and thrifted white dishes paired with everyday white dishes are piled onto a graphic Bblack and white round place-mat (also from HomeGoods), acting as a charger and adding another layer to the table.The place settings are very casual - not formal by any means - and just meant to be fun and festive, but still functional for a buffet type meal vs. family style...

The simple gold painted eggs set in nests refreshed the hip hop table with on trend newness. I relocated the bench to the living room, and brought over the two extra (thrifted) chairs for extra seating , for the six place settings.

relocated to living room

Thrifted chairs brought over for extra seating

After all the experimenting I did with the Easter tablescapes, I'm setting our table today for our Easter dinner tomorrow. I'll be mixing elements from all of them combined. Later today, I'll be monogramming the eggs, but I haven't decided if I'll be using the pink - I'd really like to use the pink for Mother's Day...

As part of the appetizers, I'll be using the terracotta pots with carrots (from the Easter Karats post), filled with ranch dressing, and served as part of a more individualized appetizer - en lieu of a veggie tray. Hubs is making deviled eggs. We picked up a honey-baked ham yesterday, and we'll be serving it with string beans and mash potatoes. I'm making some fresh brewed ice tea, but we'll also have wine. The meal will be set buffet style on the bar-top counter. For dessert, a guest is bringing a carrot cake & key lime pie - yum!

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How do you spend your Easter? Do you go to church in the morning? Do you have family over for brunch? or do you have an early Easter dinner? Which ever you do, enjoy your time with your loved ones and have a

Happy Easter!
(and don't eat TOO much chocolate!!)

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  1. Lovely variations on a theme. I'm not waiting til Mother's Day. I'm going with the pink and green for tomorrow. Have a blessed
    Easter. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs. Cherry Kay

  2. You did such a great job!!! LOVE those bunnies! Will you come dress my table ;)

  3. Wow, gorgeous table! What time is dinner? LOL.

  4. Lovely Easter scape. I love the black and white. Such a different look compared to the pastels. Love the green walls!


  5. Beautiful, colorful and down right HOPPY!
    A wonderful Easter to you!



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