Been seeing several ads for Mother's Day, and recalled this old pic of my mom, lounging  on a now thrifty find... it inspired this Thursday's collection of clean line retro finds, from visiting not only Faith Farm Thrift in Ft. Lauderdale and Hallandale Beach Thrift, near Hollywood, but also had stumbled upon a sweet find in the Habitat For Humanity Rehab Store (on Broward Blvd.) ... LOVE the HARDWARE DETAILS along with all the clean lines. GREAT storage pieces and seating...

set of 4 for $20

2 for $10


could work next to this piece for a vignette

LOVE the two-tone and the HARDWARE!
found in Hallandale Beach for $60

more great hardware found up at Faith Farm Thrift...

even if you removed the hutch from above,
and used lower piece as a sideboard,

2 pc for $25

repurpose the hutch wood to shelves and the doors to carved wall art...

great lines & legs...

this find was at Habitat For Humanity Rehab Store
for only $60

love the doors and it's asymmetrical style...

simple hardware... but nickel...

this was one of my FAVE finds...
these shutters opened and closed...

can TOTALLY see repurposing this piece for a flat screen TV...
and HIDE it's electrical equip inside

or even hide other electronic components (charging station?)
although I could also see removing these components, and rewiring for an ipod
 (since behind those shutters were speakers)
so cool also @25

side tables both for $4

maybe even go retro for an office with these finds...

desk for $25


those chairs would look great with this

and a mosaic table

or side table with storage with the other two chairs

Some other great lines and finds...

But my FAVE hardware was on this little cabinet...

for $30

Guess I'm drawn to these lines because
 I've been around them since I was born...

and yes... that is me...
and yes... the sofa was avocado green...

Hope you're having a


  1. Those are some great pieces. We have some great items here...but nothing as retro.

    That lucite lamp was nice...

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Maybe I used the wrong term to shorten the title, but defines retro as of or designating the style of an earlier time... along with a host of other sites I just visted... If these aren't retro (meaning also vintage or mid-cent-mod or scan) what are they?

    ;-) Lynda
    BTW: Did you get your new FAB tables???

  3. these pieces are FABULOUS. i have got to find a thrift store/flea market in my area.



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