While putting away some posters & prints this week, I came across some old sketches & drawings of mine. I haven't drawn with this intensity in a while, but it's there. I also never had an art class to teach how to do this prior to this one (which wasn't an drawing class, but design). The class was filled with all different kinds of artistic backgrounds - graphic artists, web designers, architects, industrial & interior design students - and we all had different skill levels of drawing. The instructor would have a topic, give a few examples, put some music on (usually jazz) and just walk around the room, observing us either get it, or not... we were just to draw what we'd see (and also have projects to do on our own). After a completed project, we'd hang the drawings around the room, and critique them. This weeks Photos for Friday are some quick phone pics I shot to share some of these old drawings & sketches... (funny how 2001 seems "old" now). enJOY.

Silver decor objects I placed in front of a mirror,
and drew what was in the mirror...

(I was infatuated with Philippe Stark at the time...)

(I was being funny and filled a can light with light bulbs)

 "triptych kiss"
(I was eating them at the time,
set them on my drafting table, and drew them...)

10 min. class drawing

"thinking out of the box"
(ribbons drawn outside the borderline)

above took quite a few hours to do...
all those dots - it's called stipple...
3 11"x14" sheets of cold press & ink STIPPLE to make a Triptych

one of the first lectures she gave was on "lines"
hold one hand out, and draw what you see with the other,
using the four different line qualities:

I have some others, like drafting
(yes - the old lost art of drawing blueprints by hand),
I'll share another day...

Do you draw? What do you like to draw?
Why not draw something today...
enJOY yourself and have a WONDERFUL weekend...


  1. Ahhh the memories of hours spent drawing in art classes! Isn't it fun taking out your sketches from school and looking at them? I loved seeing yours.
    My post this morning links up to your mom's patio post.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. This is awesome. You have a talentend hand. Don't lose this. This, to me, is the best part of Interior Design school, sketching by hand. Excellent! Have a wonderful weekend girlie!

  3. These are seriously good. Worthy of framing and hanging.

  4. THANK YOU!! When I do look back on them, I miss drawing... so framing and hanging sounds like a GREAT idea deardesigner! And could inspire more drawings so I don't "lose it" (ThX Marilyn!!)

    And thx for the shout-out Pam! I added your button with a link-back to your post...
    Hope you're enJOYing your weekend!

    :D Lynda

  5. Lynda that is some mad talent you have! No I do not draw, never could, tried, I suck! Thanks for the idea BTW done! I am going to add it to my post and link it back to you, later on today:)

  6. Thanks Deb!! Sounds great! The cups just looked to darn pretty stacked... need to show them off!! Glad you liked the suggestion... look forward to seeing them...

    :D Lynda

  7. omg. SO inspiring. this seriously makes me miss my design school sketching class. i might have to sign up for something this fall. thanks for sharing!!!

  8. are just so freaking talented!!

  9. Lynda I just saw this post. Wow...your drawings are amazing!! Where did you go to school? I love to draw but I am my own worst critic.

  10. I stopped by your blog and was looking around, thanks to your contribution with Olioboard this week. Love these drawings! It inspires me to pick up my pencils and draw again!



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