You've just moved into a new place OR you're starting to get tired of what you're looking at? You're looking for a pick-me-up for your space? Cleaning is uneventful, and you could probably do it with your eyes closed. So why not just switch it up a bit to make a no cost restyle? Here are a few of my tips to show you how...

Before and After...

On left the left is Spring 2010 on right 2006 when we purchased

Restyled on left Spring 2010 - Restyled on right Summer 2007

Don't quite know where to begin? Why not consider all those visits to shops and websites, and several flips through magazines and books? You've see so many pretty things you like: color, textures, accessories... keep those elements in mind, and start hunting around the house, basement, or garage. Look for shapes, colors, and textures similar to what you've seen and take on a room - for example the living room. If shape works but wrong color: PAINT IT!

Cluster all your finds together in an adjacent space (like the kitchen counter), strip away all the existing elements in your space, so now you can see a clear pallet. If you're locked into a furniture arrangement because of furniture limitations: no problem. Simply change the look of your space by layering window panels. An odd wall of windows can be quickly transformed into a FOCAL POINT in the space by uniting the odd windows with a double rod.

If you have an area rug you haven't used in a while, bring that in for the switch. Using sliders will help with any furniture movement. When lifting anything heavy (especially if you're by yourself) BE SURE to LIFT FROM YOUR LEGS (like a squat) do NOT use your back. Slide sofa back into place and take a step back... always step back to look at what you've done to see if it not only 'looks' right, but does it feel right? If it does... keep on going!

Sofa been around a while? And now it's highlighted with your updated window panels? No problem - dress it up with a throw, pillow covers, and accent pillows. Try a banding effect down the center of the sofa for a renewed look and splash of color. The season is featuring a lot of prints, so this can be a great place to jazz up a solid sofa - those black & white covers you found on clearance at PB can tie back into the black and white rug. Keep two pillows same as sofa, so it still relates, and this will tie back to the sheers and panels. Cover two more accent pillows, and dig out those old dec pillows you've had buried in the closet.

Take a step back - how ya doin'? Sofa needs 'something' behind it, but don't quite have it yet? No problem... it will come to you...

Now is a good time to be placing back those end tables and add lamps. Tired of the lamps look, but it has a great base? Just switch-out its shade. (I had found these printed shades at Marshalls HomeGoods about a month before... and they were my initial inspiration for restyling this space) Lamps too low? Just bring over stacks of your favorite decor books. Try to keep them all the same color. If not - you do have 3 options:
  1. Turn them backwards to only show page edges 
  2. Reverse the jackets to make them white
  3. Utilize some natural kraft paper, and make book covers

Now for some accessories for your table... Have a thing for trays?(I do - that and frames) Bring them over. Vary the height of your accessories, but format the composition to flow from tall (the lamp), to medium (fresh / faux flowers, leaves, or branches), to low elements like a dish, candle or small chest. (TIP: Chests are a GREAT hiding place to conceal items like cat toys or your partners toys - the REMOTES!)

Take a step back. How's it looking? Balance, flow, drama... 
Ok... Time for coffee... the table that is.

Maybe it's time to use a different table here. Have another room to trade tables with? Found a table while thrifting but maybe it's too small? Maybe not... just rethink new uses for items you already have. I brought over two cream storage ottomans, stacked more decor books on one, and a mirror and trunk on the other. Not exactly the same items, but their weight and height give a symmetrical feel to the new look. Since the table is detailed, I chose clear candle holders and only one complimenting item: set both back to show table detail (and keep view to TV clear).

Speaking of the TV... since the FOCUS has been in the center of the space, it's time to branch out to its counterparts. Since I already had the weight of the salon styled wall on one side of the room, the TV unit and wall needed to relate, but not be too distracting from the TV. Try leaning a cluster of art, like B&W photos, or do a series of 4 (the width of the unit) or one round mirror. Keeping the accessories focused in the center adds height. To fill the emptiness on either side, I used some fret-like panels (relates back to the table) but left them black to fade into wall (it might look TOO busy if they were white for contrast)

That sofa still needs something above it? Why not reframe that piece you found thrifting the other day? It's original frame was black, but it was too contrasting for all going on, so switched it out for a silver frame. Now the silver relates to other silver elements in the room: end tables, frames, and mirrors. No wall to hang you fabulous new find? Here's where the double hung rod comes in handy: suspend your art from the rod (just check its' weight - if it feels too heavy, it probably is too heavy for the rod).

Time for some finishing touches, like a throw here and accent pillows there. A quick tour of the vacuum, put away the extras... and have a seat with a glass of wine and put on some HGTV. Congratulations!! You've just completed restyling your living room!

What's next?

Restyling a space is a quick and affordable means of getting a new look or feel to your home, to your travel trinkets, from your (thrift) collections, or from your tired old furnishings, like maybe a tired wall unit... 

Our original wall unit (jeff's) was oak in 2006 (center) when we moved - I painted black semigloss in 2007 (right) which made it more liveable, until finally we replaced the unit with newer unit (from Ikea) when we got a flat screen on 2009 (left)

enJOY your restyled space...

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  1. What great advice! Love how creative your mind works!

  2. your step by step tips and ideas on how to restyle your own space is very helpful. keep up the good work :)from marialuisalim



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