Lately, I just can't seem to get enough TURQUOISE. This usually happens to me later in the year (like for Summer) but I'm seeing so many pieces and wonderful spaces using it, I just want to dive in now! The inspiration for turquoise usually first comes from turquoise jewelry. I love the to see the stone encased in silver. It's so refreshing and coastal. Then the hunt to try a new focal point begins...

British Homes & Gardens


Shell covered fireplace featured in Miami Herald

Coastal Living

Even if you have all white, just switch out panels for a print
as seen here in Coastal Living

I'm loving the combo Pottery Barn has done with it's sea-foam green paired with navy (and I think I've got enough stash to pull it off!) They're usually the retailer to jump the gun with the seasonal sets, and their new Farady Collection is beautiful... it reminded me of an old clipping from West Elm Summer when they were into Indigos...

Pottery Barn Faraday collection mixes seafoam & navy
Pottery Barn Faraday Collection

My stash of navy & coastal I could renew this year with turquoise

But then there is also the Moroccan look featured in the Australian decor magazine Belle. Colin Cowie posted inspirational photos from a recent trip while visiting a similar looking place... and I do have pierced tin lanterns to pull off this look too...

West Elm Summer 2007 did cornflower blue, periwinkle,
and popped with pale turq

British Homes & Gardens 2010

Macy's navy & turq

Photo from Colin Cowie

Photo of clippings & color chips

Photos of my turq jewelry with indigo pashmina

Love the look of West Elm Summer 2007 with the palm,
and I could see turquoise stemware being added.

British Homes & Gardens

British Homes & Gardens

But I've also seen some turquoise surprisingly laced with gold and pops of coral. Pier 1 featured their pillows in a similar combination. Although I don't have coral, I do have some orange, even for outdoors. And I probably could paint the planted to resemble the Crate & Barrel Bronze Tapered Planters, and paint some other pieces in the orange...

Pier1 was showing tuq with coral
Macy's more organic turq jewelry with hint of coral

Photo from Colin Cowie

source unknown but love the color combination

VIVRE featuring turq, coral and GOLD

Crate & Barrel bronze planters with a hint of orange,
which would take the coral from inside out.

Macy's turq, coral and gold bracelet

Pier 1 rinceau detailed urn

Pier 1 grey-ish teal with apple green for outdoors

Pier 1 bright tropical turq with pops of apple, orange, and red

Keep turq more natural and earthy with brown & green like at Pier 1

RJI Photography found on flickr

Just add ONE powerful piece like shown a ELLE Decor

Four Seasons Spa Resort in Bali

I guess it all depends just which coast you want to be on and then create your look... in the meantime, keep flipping through magazines for that "ah-ha!" moment...



I know most people are just getting ready for Spring, but living in South Florida, I've been in Spring-Mode since January and I've got that itch to make a switch...

Coastal Living

What are some ways you like to bring in summertime?
Is it through pattern & pillows?
Do You add more white & blue? 
Looks like turquoise could be paired in a multiple combinations...

Pratt & Lambert  turq walls and pops of indigo

If you already have turquoise, you could just replace flowers with
shells and bamboo, to give your home the a renew...

Hope you're enjoying your day wherever you are...


  1. I love the torquoise with the coral color the best! Great pics.

  2. great photos! loved the panel featured in Elle Decor!

  3. beauty beauty beauty! I love your selection, and that pool is making me drool. I really like the palm from west elm 2007, what a great idea for my dreamy tropical wedding!

  4. Hey ladies! Thanks for the comments & compliments! (tried posting earlier but blogger has been having "issues"...)

    Sorry about the 'dated' material, but some styling is so timeless, ya have to keep it! (and catalogs like Pottery Barn & West Elm are GREAT for that).

    :D Lynda

  5. Oh the turquoise and Orange is oh so fabulous!

  6. Fab images, I love turquoise! It is a great accent with so many color palettes!

    Art by Karena

  7. I love all these inspiration photos!~ I have been into blues this season as well, I just love all shades and variations of it!



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