A patio crying for HELP got it, and all within a budget of under $500 and a 24hr. weekend timeline... This potentially beautiful covered patio, quietly tucked back off a pond, and overlooking a golf course, was in need of a transformation. So after discussing the list of "needs" and "wants", I set out on a Friday to hunt & gather some new goods to update the space with. First stop: HomeGoods, where I found the simple tufted D shaped outdoor cushions, in a fantastic bright & cheery awning stripe of apple & bisque. From there, the rest of the redesign took off...

 hunting and gathering...

Keeping in mind the existing ten-year-old rattan furnishings would be refinished in espresso + ORB, and the tile floor was already dark, pops of white would help to really freshen up the space. Working with a tight budget, I managed to find more treasures at Ross (caged glass lanterns) for only 7.99 ea... and lucked out at Target finding a 5x8 outdoor area rug in a lighter neutral pallet (with a coordinating doormat for back door) at a steal for only $45 for the set! I found a white covered jar for only $3 at TJ Maxx (great for a stash of tea lights), and I  even checked out Walmart for plants... which sells succulents for only $2 ea (vs. 3.97 at Lowes, Target, and Home Depot). The huge help in finding savvy style within the small budget came from finding the bright & fun outdoor cushions, white glazed planters, and a few other accents at HomeGoods.

The bakers rack is from an old store display
(anyone recall Claire Burke?) but works great on the patio for visual height plus a place for growing more orchids and plants...

weather worn wicker - lasted 10 years after buying from Pier 1.

The last stop was Home Depot to pick up paint supplies: Rustoleum's Ultra Cover 2x in espresso: ten cans (to be on safe side) for 2 chairs, 1 settee, 1 ottoman, and 1 coffee table. I also picked up Rustoleum's Universal Paint in an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish to redo the bakers rack and all the iron-work detail on the furniture...

Upper right ottoman pic: no bronze
lower left pic: with bronze

My car (a black VW Jetta) was all packed up Friday night.... adding to the goods a white bamboo painted thrift table, unused boxes of green glass tealights, and some white tab-top twill panels I no longer use..... Saturday I headed down to Kendall to unload the goods, and get the furniture cleaned and painted - mind you - it was overcast, so we prayed for the rain to hold-out... and thankfully, at least for Saturday it did... but can I tell you how unusually WINDY it was? Needless to say, although it wasn't sunny, the espresso over spray gave me a tan :)

The apple and bisque cushions from HomeGoods really POP on the refinished wicker furniture!

Although the Rustoleum Universal COLOR was great, the nozzle isn't: it clogged so quickly, and the trigger isn't as user friendly as it appears to be. I prefer the old style nozzle, with a spray handle attachment I use for easy and even application...

I sprayed the underside and back first
to ensure even coverage of the wicker weave...

I got to use my dad's OLD drop cloth (I think my mom has had since we lived in Jersey... she 'kinda' gets emotionally attached to things (NOT in a hoarding way, but is learning to let go of some non-functional items (FINALLY). I had held onto some items from her living room edit, to reuse on patio, and they came in handy to cut expenses (metal round table, scroll-like lanterns, elephant planter my father made (back in the 70's) and even some faux plants helped to fill the space, and have minimal maintenance for mom...

I reused candle holders from inside (previously gold) as plant stands for her philodendrons outside...
The new white + pink spaths filled up the new white planters from HomeGoods and will grow great in this space. One of 3 of the planters I turned upside down, to use as a plant riser in the cluster.The Boston ferns add more green life to the patio, and since they're hanging, help to draw your eye up... Up to the fantastic cedar ceiling...

The faux spaths (previously inside) helped add height and fill the space perimeter...
The fence will be repaired, rebuilt and repainted over this weekend, and will have white planter boxes on it, facing the patio, to add more color, and dimension to the space...

Sunday, I came back, untagged, cleaned, and placed everything (yippy!! the real fun - making a space pretty for mom!) I repositioned the bakers rack to give a FOCAL POINT at the end of the patio. I also re-arranged the originally furniture placement: I positioned one chair with the ottoman adjacent to the bakers rack, plus added the white thrift table, with the green tin under it, to hold reading materials for a new reading nook... (I wanted to add a lamp, but there was no receptacle).

Maintained clay pots in their natural state to relate back to floor tiles

New outdoor living new reading nook on the patio...

Thrifted table find - perfect to create a collected mix vs. a patio 'set'...

I hung the tab-top panels in a pair at two of the covered patio posts (4 panels total), and tied them together with twine (leftover from the from seagrass packaging). I kept the hanging simple, casual and functional: I just utilized some of the 100 nails my dad had in storage (in the Ball Mason jars) in the laundry room. Hanging tabs from nails makes it easy for my mom to remove to clean or for the infamous Florida hurricanes. Since the panels were only 84", the plants placed in front of them help camouflage their shortness...

I created a conversation area with the settee, chair and two tables, just under the scroll bars at the kitchen window. Since electrical expenses weren't in the budget, I camouflaged the existing single wall mounted light fixture with hanging ferns on either side of the sette... and gave added dimension + detail (in the triangle) on the ceder beamed ceiling by hanging the two caged glass lanterns over the coffee table.

As for the ever popular Spanish scroll security bars on windows, my
mom's not ready to remove yet, so I made use of them to hang some metal ladle candle holders I picked up while thrifting...

To help protect the furnishings, accessories, rug and plants, I set most of the pieces up closer to the townhome's exterior wall. Sometimes, when the heavy Florida rains come in the Summer, the lake overflows, and can back up onto the patio...

I went digging into closets and found some more decorative pillows not in use, and added them for pattern mixing. I also brought out some galvanized tins (i had gotten at holiday), plus some authentic Ball Mason jars (from my great-grandmother), and added shells she's collected to them. The wind chime in the corner I gave my mom MANY years ago, but she's had it collecting dust FOR YEARS hanging in the laundry room.

For pattern mixing, I used both outdoor & indoor pillows, since the patio is covered...

I tucked the shell wind chime in the back right corner...

I discussed painting the panels in between the ceder beams in white,
to accentuate the architectural detail and lighten up the space - but she passed on doing this...

She's thrilled to be able to sit outside, enjoy her new space, and all her orchids and hint of the shore (without being too themed 'beach')... It's what she wanted and more... She's already had neighbors over, and a girlfriend over for dinner... and an old friend from Jersey planning to come down in May, which now she wants her room and the guest room revamped too.... Not a problem, and looking forward to it... especially since I already had gotten her ALL the stuff for her room (as a B-Day gift a while ago), she just takes a while to digest "change" (I guess it's the Republican in her... and I'm all about CHANGE...)


Mom's favorite purple orchids
really stand out now...

I hope you're inspired to spruce up your patio for the Spring and Summer seasons - perfect for Outdoor Living!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow! What an amazing transformation! Looks great! xo e

  2. mum must be sooooo excited about her new patio look.. very cool

  3. Thanks!! Yes... she is THRILLED... and got to enJOY the space all last week during her long over-due week off from work...
    (she had a min-stay-cation)

    :D Lynda

  4. Fabulous job! How I wish I had a "covered" patio.

  5. WOW Lynda that is fantastic! Truly a retreat your Mom will enjoy for years to come....I love the espresso color!

  6. Wow! You did a fabulous job. That was a lot of work but obviously paid off. The time involved in creating this post had to be huge as well. Every detail. Thanks.

  7. A wonderful re-do.. i love the detail you provide of your transformations. Have you thought of doing some community ed. classes to teach others how you do what you do? Just another way to get out there, I suppose!
    You mentioned about not liking the spray nozzle on the Rustoleum can... I just watched an episode of "Color Splash" last night -- master bedroom redo, hotel style, with white/chocolate/kiwi palette -- and the woman who paints on the show demonstrated a spray can attachment that turns an aeresol can into a trigger-application. Thought you might like to know about it...

  8. WOW!!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments and noticing the details!! Mom is LOVING her new space and thankfully the FL weather has been beautiful enough to enJOY it in...

    Anon: Thanks for the tip! Teaching I had not thought of, but could look into... As for the spray attachment: I''m going through my third one... lol It really is a save on the fingers!! But it's actually Rustoleum's new line called Universal that has a red trigger already, and it clogs easily...

    :D Lynda

  9. great job i recently did the same thing on some wicker but used a 2 in one stain and sealer your idea looks easier great tip..suzanne

  10. The space looks great. A warm and inviting patio can be a place where you can spend time with your friends and family. It is important to hire remodeling contractors that are licensed and bonded.

  11. Beautiful and budget conscience-what a combination!
    Well done!


  12. Thanks Cristine, deckbuilder, and Suzanne!! Glad you liked it1 Mom LOVES it!! =)

    xo Lynda

  13. Awesome!!! I’m your newest follower from Creative Bloggers Hop. Please follow http://sweetcalifornialiving.blogspot.com/

  14. Looks great! Amazing what some cans of spray paint and a little elbow grease can accomplish! Looks so inviting. Great job!

  15. I'm awestruck with this beautiful patio. You really have a great eye on pretties. Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  16. I love what you did with that patio! Mine is about the same size, and I would really love to copy what you did! Great job!

  17. Beautiful patio! I love the way you mad everything "sparkle and shine" with new paint and accessories. You have inspired me! I must tackle my back porch now! Thanks and fabulous job!

  18. Thanks for stopping by Nataly, Ami, SJ, Ann and Jill! It was a fun project to tackle and mom is enjoying her refreshed space!

    xo Lynda

  19. How gorgeous! I want to build a back patio now so I can decorate it just like this one. You did such a beautiful job. It's amazing how the spray paint brought new life to that furniture.

    I found you from TDC!

  20. I would love to do this for my Mom. Her small back deck is unused because of uncomfortable furniture and poor use of space. Hmmm you have me thinking! It looks beautiful.

  21. oh my gosh, looks AMAZING! that wicker has been given a new life. thanks for the tip on succulents, i'm going to have to get to a walmart!

  22. It looks phenomenal - beautiful job!!

  23. Lynda - Another amazing job. This makes me want to decorate my deck asap! Looks fantastic. Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today! Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  24. You have given me inspiration to do something to my "tired" patio.....it needs a pick-me-up for summer. Your did a beautiful job!

  25. This was a fabulous re-do! I love the greens of the pillows - it really pops against the new color of the wicker, and all of the accents are perfection. What a lasting gift for Mothers Day, and I'm sure her friend will love it. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Lynda! Hey I just wanted to let you know that I featured this amazing transformation on my blog today. You can find it here: http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/2012/03/transforming-your-furniture-with-paint.html

    I really enjoy following your blog! ☺Cath @ Home is Where my Heart is: http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/

  27. Lynda I was drawn here because your patio looks so much like mine! And I had a mini transformation last summer too! Really amazing makeover and lovely patio. And... is it the sea that I'm viewing? *sigh* Would love to fly there for a cold coffee and a little chat! :)
    Love, Olga



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