I know that sounds odd for a title, but it is Tuesday, and yesterday it poured BUCKETS! So much so that it caused my husbands flight to Dallas to be delayed for FOUR hours (which he was stuck on the plane for). I couldn't work outside on the patio or garden, and all the house is in order... so I took some time to reflect on my building online presence over the past six months. Although my experience and the numbers are building, the employment I hoped to get from it isn't happening - so it's time to wave my magic wand and try something new.

Social Networking

I've put myself  "out there" as a home stylist on sites like houzz.com, HGTV and Rate My Space. I've posted my work on Design Stories Social Network and even kept in touch with my professional merchandising experience through Professional Retail Social Network, as well as connected with designers through Twitter, Blogging, Facebook and the FOCAL POINT Fanpage...

For rainy day Monday, I ventured onto activerain, a Real Estate Social Networking site, which also has a sub-site breakdown called Localism.com. Along with the profile I created, I attached some before & after photos, to further promote my ability to do home staging and redesign. I also joined two of their groups, and posted the patio redesign (which two homestagers already gave positive feedback on). I'm already ranked in Broward County at 287 /1,865 and rank in my local area of  Hollywood at 15 /109 (which has already jumped from its initial 31/103 - so I must be on the right track).

Master Bedroom converted into a Sweet Retreat

The site is mostly consisting of Real Estate agents, who already have listings... and from the photos, some clients who are in NEED of some (serious) decluttering, color, impact, clarity and new photos of their space in order to sell it. I set visual in stores to sell merchandise - I CAN do this. My community alone has 35 units for sale, 11 of which are for Short Sale (I don't know what that is yet, but I'll figure it out!), and 2 are Foreclosures (one of which is across the street from MY home, and has been vacant for over a year now).

Living Room converted to Great Room

Dining Area converted to Great Room

Sitting Area converted to Dining Room

3rd Bedroom set as a Yoga Retreat

2nd Bedroom set as a Home Office

My husband suggested we go tour some of these "Open houses" on the weekends (especially on Sundays), so I can pass out some of my contact cards & postcards I've already made. It may not necessarily be a home owner wanting to pay for the staging, but a realtor, who is already going to make a sizable commission, may want to invest in home staging to ensure the sale and their commission.

1 of 2 styled postcards I designed

back of postcard

2 of 2 styled postcards I designed

My contact card I designed
(with networking icons I made for the back)

So let's see what this next 'drop in the bucket' produces. I read a tweet today that said, "Fear is simply a sign that you are close to a break through - keep going in faith." which faith and talent I have. I use to have on my desk a saying that read, "I am a lone reed bending in the wind - but will not break" So let's see if between the wind and the rain, I can turn the second half of this year into a HER-I-CANe (hurricane).

All photos & designs by Lynda Quintero-Davids

"The best prize life has to offer is the CHANCE to work hard...
at work WORTH doing." Theodore Roosevelt


  1. Lynda,
    I can not believe you have a doubt in your God given talent and ability. I have followed you since you first posted Cash Cab Remix. I prefer looking at the rooms you design than many of those in current magazine articles. Everybody can not afford Murano vases. The things you do are things the everyday person can afford to do. We can go thrifting in our garages. The key is organization as with many things in life. Some people cheer up by buying a new oufit, other find pleasure in a new space. Who can afford to move every season....

  2. Hi!

    I too have followed you around (is that stalking?) from the Cash Cab days. You are a part of my whole inspiration for do it yourself decorating and made me realize that it can be done with anything at ANY budget. I also started a blog and keep your advice in mind. I remember you explaining how you just cut posterboard to make mattes for pictures. I thought "WOW...she is talented!" So basically, what I am saying is keep it up! You are amazing and have a gift!

  3. You do beautiful work. Just keep being persistent. Eventually the last drip will count but until then don't be discouraged. Right now you are doing all the right things. Don't be bound by geographical boundaries. Your talent are very transportable. Good luck.

  4. wow.... I'm flattered, honored and speechles (which my husband would probably be stunned about!) lol... THANK YOU for your kind words of encouragement.

    I had just thought by now 'someone' out there would have said "Hire Her!" but that ain't happenin', and I'm so NOT wanting to go back to retail (unless it would be to be a stylist for PB, WE, or C&B) Tried swimmimg with some of the bigger fish, but they are already so much more established, I'll continue to refer to as mentors (Angelo, Karen, Collin ) I sometimes need a 'push', or show me ONCE... but then - I GOT IT...

    I just woke up today with a bug up my butt b/c I'm tired of not working - this is NOT me. But learning these new sites (like activerain and AVA Living) and reading thoughtful comments like these just lit my fire to get my groove back...

    Thanks for stopping by and continuing to stalk! lol ;D I'm happy to have learned I made a good impression on you both...


  5. Lynda,

    You are awesome as always! I can answer your question on what a short sale is. A short sale is when the owner of the property owes more on the property than it is worth on the current market so they are asking the bank to take less than is owed hence "short" sale.

  6. Linda , you are passionate about what you do and it shows! right now the economy is still not right, jobs that were plenty just do not exist anymore . I think you are on the right track , it will take time , but it will happen.

    I like this quote "Fear is simply a sign that you are close to a break through - keep going in faith." because , I have fear as well and it's reassuring .

    keep up the great work !



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