Sometimes while out hunting for new thrift finds, you'll notice a repeating element, like a finish, a color, a pattern, texture or tufting. Sometimes it takes popping into a non-thrift store, like a vintage or big box store, to get your vision together. Last week while thrifting, I noticed COLOR: Turquoise, green and yellow. Another design element jumping out is caning or bamboo details...

Faith Farm Thrift going GREEN!

Decades Vintage local artist find

Decades Vintage Finds

Tufted chair at Church Thrift @15

Bamboo details & handles at Faith Farm Thrift @15

More bamboo details at Faith Farm Thrift @15

another church thrift @25

Collecting thrift happens over time
Found these table earlier this year...

Faith Farm Thrift @5
 also earlier this year

Petite bamboo side table at Faith Farm Thrift @4
(no top? no problem - can easily become a base to hold a great lacquered tray, like from West Elm)

Faith Farm Thrift @99 last week

And while thrifting, don't forget to keep in mind fab finds from overpriced retailers or maybe some clearance you've found in your travels to create a new look for you...

Great color on clearance at HomeGoods...

Thrift find like this...

Church thrift find @25

could also get transformed with paint to something graphic like this...

Pier 1 Chest  @349

Maybe you don't do the stripes, but the thrift piece could be based in black, and highlight the bamboo details in white to apply this graphic concept....

Pic on left was taken when deciding which thrift table would work in the space...

Thrifted art found in February paired with thrifted table found in December

Thrifting is all about perseverance, paint, and upholstery...

found at church thrift @10 in trending turq

It's these 'finds', either left as is or refinished by you, that can turn your house into a home, by giving it a unique style, you've gathered over time...

Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. I love your posts on thrifting!!
    You find the most amazing pieces:)

  2. Thanks Dolfina!!! I just wish I had a place (and a truck) to buy them all up!! In the meantime, the photos will have to do.... ;-)


  3. What great finds. I am out of town all this week on business and I hope to hit a few good thrift stores on tommorrow. Today was a day for polo

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. omg. your finds are incredible.

  5. Oh, Lynda, I am once again amazed! And I love the color story. Stan



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