Over the years, haven't well ALL just been through thousands of pages of decor magazines? Maybe we'd pitch them after viewing because the thrill was gone - its' newness had worn off. Eventually, the push to go green caused us to recycle our mags... and now even greener: magazine subscriptions dropped because people have opted to view online.

Local Ft. Lauderdale magazine ...HOME

Still going ... HOUSE BEAUTIFUL

Some magazines even fell into a past publications graveyard, while some consolidated and are trying to revive their renewals and subscriptions... But then there are some magazine issues we've kept and refer back to ever so often and reminisce because their ideas or color combinations were just THAT good: their inspiration lingers on...


dear DOMINO how we miss you so...

The publishing world was rocked once again this week with announcements of changes at Hearst home magazines (read more HERE), followed by several blog postings and tweets. One of my fave related blog postings was about Getting Published posted by Vicenete Wolf (read HERE). So this weeks Photos For Friday is paying tribute to decor magazines, past and present, worldwide and a few locals I've flipped though. Through the years, they've inspired me and contributed to the development of my style...

This one I found most recently and it's unusual: it has NO advertisements in it.
The magazine is set more like a book with "chapters"...

D├ęcor - special publication from meredith magazines

Sorry for any repeats of brands, but
some of their covers are inspirational in-themselves...

What are some of your favorite decor magazines?
What magazines inspire you?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and happy reading!



  1. I'm going to be honest.......I have never cracked a decor/shelter mag. IDK how, but I started on RMS then went onto blogs. But I love when peeps show stuff from them.

    Oh, yeah.......that sheep from the pic of Local Ft. Lauderdale magazine ...HOME, both scares and fascinates me. Strange huh?

    Hope your weekend is going well!

  2. I never realized there where so many decorating magazines!!~ I love to page through them. Hope you have a great weekend too!~

  3. Hey Jill: I too don't get the sheep on the cover, but looking beyond that, the color pallet is inspirational =) Sometimes Miami style comes across as 'trying to hard' to be unique, vs. just styling it for what it is: a tropical environment... I'm still in shock you've not flipped through them, but I guess blogging for inspiration can be more "green"...

    Another place to seek inspiration is through visual presentation in lifestyle stores (like C&B, PB, and West Elm to name a few)

    Deb: I too didn't realize how many publications were / are available.... and there are actually even MORE not even listed here (like Atlanta Homes, Decorating, and Better Homes & Gardens)

    I'll be posting pics I shot in newly opened Pottery Barn, West Elem and Crate & Barrel later this week... BEAUTIFUL presentations set in their store I saw over the weekend...

    Thanks for stopping by and hope you're enJOYing your weekend too!!

    :D Lynda

  4. I am absolutely addicted to magazines, especially interior ones. My favourite is Australian Country Style and American Coastal Style. By the way, everyone loved and now misses Domino....why ever did they stop the publication?

  5. I love House and Home - but I am from Canada afterall! :)



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