It's Thrifty Thursday! Time to go hunting for some new finds. Do you want to try thrift but don't know what to look for? Are you wanting to refresh a space, but don't know where to begin? Why not add WHITE?

charming china hutch

in a small space, maybe a white desk could refresh your space.

bookcases with drawers for storage

If all your walls are all one color, pick one, the one you FOCUS on the most, and paint it with a new pop of color (oh, like maybe TURQUOISE? or pink or coral). Then add a new storage piece in WHITE you can find at your local thrift store.

Go for a two-tone for added interest

Don't forget to check for quality

GREAT details on this find: petite casters and serpentine curved sides.

If you're not in need of storage, or already have color wow in your space, why not refresh the look with a white coffee table?

great clean lines, and has a springtime garden look from lattice detail.

even added storage space for decor books & magazines

go bold & modern with an oversized table

Bamboo & caning can add texture.

Even a small find like this (I found for only $10)
can be paired with two white ottomans
for visual interest and increased scale (and STORAGE!!).

Styled by Lynda Quintero-Davids

Even if you FIND a great piece, but it's a dark wood... don't hesitate. Follow you instincts, bring home, and you can easily refinish it in white yourself ... Just like Eddie Ross did with this secretary desk.

Refinished & styled by Eddie Ross

To refinish your find in white, here are a few tips:
  • 1. Whatever the finish, lightly sand & clean your piece before apply new paint.
  • 2. For mica pieces, use a primer and epoxy paint.
  • 3. For wood, go with latex for easy clean-up.
  • 4. For wicker: go for spray paint (but be sure to brush wicker well prior to painting for a clean finish. Also: start UPSIDE DOWN to be sure you catch all nooks & crannies.)
  • 5. Seal your find with a topcoat of polyurethane.
  • 6. Let it dry REALLY well... and then begin to create your new FOCAL POINT!
But no need to stop there with your white finds...

go retro with a modern dresser

flank it with two chairs

add two clean lined lamps

and maybe a great mirror above it all to start off your new vignette!

Styled by Eddie Ross

The possibilities of what YOU can create with thrift are endless...
and thrifting is a GREAT way to create a look for less.
If you haven't tried it... GO FOR IT!
and Have a Happy Thrifty Thursday!


  1. I am crazy in love with all of these pieces that you've shown here. I love your style/blog and if you visit my blog I think you see that we might have been separated at birth (heehee). Will be following and look forward to seeing more! xo Erica


  2. Thanks Erica! I'll be sure to check out your blog tonite... but guess where I'm headed... a NEW thrift shop (stumbled upon yesterday at yelp! Called ahead and they've got TONS of furniture! I'll let ya know what I find... (heehee)

    Thanks for stopping by and following FOCAL POINT.

    :D Lynda

  3. You're about to make me hyperventilate! People are so afraid to paint wood, but as you know, if you can take some paint and turn it into something you love and will use, it's totally worth it. I'm going to have to come down to Florida to see you in person!!

  4. LOVE your choices! I love thrift finds + making them fabulous! Look forward to following- xoxo

  5. Well. I think I need to hop in my car right behind you. These are some great finds. Those modern dressers are on the money. I wish I had the space for them.

    I love thifty Thursdays.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. We shop EVERYWHERE in our business. Flea markets can be a great resource. I love the glass lamps with square shades.

  7. Thanks for the comments and the feedback!! Glad to see you're likin' Thrifty Thursdays... I too WISH I had the space for all these finds (and more!) Having the photos I guess is the next best thing to having their ownership... It's a new form of window shopping! =)

    Thanks for stopping by FOCAL POINT.
    :D Lynda



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