Tired of seeing pictures just stuck on the walls of your stairs? Why not try floating shelves? Floating shelves set on the stair landing wall can give a new place for you to display your art or photographs... and even a seasonal rotating gallery...

Starting out in a bare & builders white blank space, along with updating the carpet, try just painting the lower portion of the walls, bellow the stair railing, in the common color you've used around the home. For our home, I had used a modern neutral palette of greys, which worked with the existing gray-taupe tile floor. The white mouldings, railings and uprights keep the space open and airy, without any major reconstruction.

A circle form works well within a 'wedge' of a wall space.
The dark wood disc (from Pier 1) here than relates to the floating shelves (found online at carrying the eye up upon entering our home...

Keeping the stairwell neutral, allows for the displays to rotate... but for added pops of color, just paint some blank canvas in your accent color, and the spaces will continue to flow...

To keep the space still stylish, but more classic neutral, a category of black & white photography works great... for a living space, utilize a personal event like your wedding, for a staged space, use abstract photos or photos of local architecture...

and for the holidays, add a few simple pieces of trim...

An easy way to create a festive FOCAL POINT,
whether traveling up or down your stairs...

Shelf width should be really no wider than 4 1/2",
to ensure easy traffic flow...

But isn't it nicer to look up and not see this?

but to see this

Or what ever other gallery you can create
for a new focal point.

Sorry for the delayed post today, but blogger changed how pictures are added, and it's slowed down the process...


  1. I love this. My stair walls have been plain for so long, simply because I am so nervous about hanging art. The shelves could be the answer. Thank you.

  2. Very cool! I wondered if you painted the turquoise canvases before I read it! Great job.........I totally love how you change things up so frequently.

  3. I love these photos. I loved the Christmas ones on RMS! Have you thought about doing online decorating help? I would totally hire you!

    I don't care for the new picture uploader on Blogger! I guess change is always good! You have always shown us that!

  4. Great post! I love how floating shelves allow one to change things out so easily. When our homes stay static, we stop noticing our pictures and objects.

  5. I recently had my husband install some shelves like that on our stairs! We bought them at Ikea (they were avail in white or black) then we painted them a warm brown color that looks very similar to yours. I love how I can change things up without having to worry about nail holes-this is especially important since we live in a 1890's Victorian with lathe and plaster walls. Nails tend to equal big chunks of plaster falling out.



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