Seeing that tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and the cherry blossoms are in bloom in DC, reminded me of my DC photos. I shot these while we were on a trip up there back in '08. I was so surprised to see MODERN ARCHITECTURE in DC. In my mind, everything was preserved from the past and traditional in design. I was so thrilled to see modern in the mix. Continuing to showcase modern for March Modern Madness blog series, today's Photos for Friday is a gallery of photos from DC, but showcasing some of its' modern architecture... enJOY.

All above featured photos captured & edited by:
Lynda Quintero-Davids (aka NYCLQ)

Photos of details or of your travels is a great way to personalize wall art in your home. Playing with its' colors or editing photos to B&W adds character and timelessness to your photos... and will work in either a Modern or New Traditional styled home. Sometimes collecting photos into a grouping of a commonality (for ex: a blue sky) can add that POP of color a space may need, as well as create a FOCAL POINT.

photo by: Jeff Davids

Have yourselves a WONDERFUL weekend welcoming in SPRING!!
What projects are you working on this weekend?
cleaning? painting? decorating your space for Spring?


  1. Great photos! I love love love B&W pictures. I will be (hopefully) finishing my DIY ginormous mirror this weekend. Would love to tackle my garage, but it's too cold yet!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself Lynda.

  2. Thanks Jill!!
    Will you be having a garage sale after the tackle? Great way to earn a few bucks to put towards a DIY project or updated decor item...

    :D Lynda

  3. Heck, no........there was nothing worth anything after I gave my niece some stuff. Just glad I got a basic start on it this weekend. Trunk and back seat full of stuff to Goodwill! :)

  4. These are terrific shots - such a cool perspective! And I love that such a historic town has a bit of modern flair! Marija



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