Not going to bore you rehashing Red Carpet Fashion news to be plastered all over E!, the newspapers, blogs, and the Internet... but these are statements that caught my eye and I wanted to share with you...

My fave: Reem Acra's gunmetal gown on Nicole Richie
Next fave was Elizabeth Banks in Versace
(far right below)

Anatomy of Gray

Sandra was Glamorous in Gold
(although some people tweeted she looked like the statue)

All that glittered in Gold
SJP's Chanel Couture was 'her'

J Lo in Fluid Architecture

Photo from NY Times
Noticed Navy in lieu of black...
but black seen at after-parties:


Vanessa @ Vanity with more skin & lookin' fab!

And although these RED gowns didn't pop on the RC,
they sure did when on stage...

Several other gowns and ladies graced the RC,
but one of the most graceful was Sandra

Meet The Classics series to be posted later today...


  1. I have been noticing a lot of "gunmetal" in clothing (& interiors) lately. I loved Helen Mirren's dress out of the grey's. She is so classy. I also loved Anna Kendricks dress!

  2. Although I am a HUGE fan of wearing black, these selection of metallics & grays were a refreshing look on the RC... and yes, this fashion statement is also being seen in home decor trends (I'm thinkin' it's replacing the chocolate brown trend).

    LuvIn' Gray... Thanks for stoppin' by!
    :D Lynda

  3. Mariah looked a mess, but there where a lot of beautiful gowns this year! J LO looked stunning, and I really liked Sandra's gown, she wore it well ~!



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