A thrift store is a great place to find a new hidden treasure to refresh the look of your home. Regular furniture stores usually overcharge for their furniture, or want for you to open a new line of credit. Who wants to spend more money on finance charges when we’re all looking to save money? Shopping thrift is the best way to frugally still enjoy shopping, test out a new skill like furniture salvaging, and find unique pieces, you know you won’t see copied from store to store.

GREAT LINES on this find for only $40

 Although some chain thrift stores are well known, like Goodwill (link to South Florida) and Salvation Army (link to South Florida), some of the best deals can be found at a local church, like Faith Farm in Ft. Lauderdale, or a neighborhood store, like Red, White and Blue Thrift in North Miami. Two ways to shop thrift are to go with an open mind and no agenda, or be on the lookout to salvage a special vintage piece. Either way, go with your gut instinct when deciding whether or not to purchase. Just because this is a chain of establishments, does not mean they all carry the same inventory. It changes by the minute. Don’t get caught with the nagging feeling of “I should have bought it when I saw it.” Be like Nike, and ‘just do it’, if that is what your gut tells you.

Check for quality construction, like dove-tail & runners.

 Be on the look for high quality items, and educate yourself in knowing what retailers are pricing similar goods for, to determine the items original value. Don’t shy away from minor repairs: this can actually help leverage your buying power. Don’t hesitate to ask for a lesser price. Remember, these items were FREE to them. Don’t overpay.

Could you salvage this beauty? It's missing a door.

Judge the condition of the item. Look at the overall quality of the item. Remember, most of these are donated goods or salvaged from the curb. Look at the item carefully, but keep in mind its possibilities: a fresh coat of paint or stain, a new lampshade, or a simple reupholster of a seat cushion can turn trash into treasure. Inspect fabric carefully. Is it ripped or torn? Can you mend it? Does it look like an animal has lived on it? Can you reupholster? How does it smell? Remember, smoke is hard to remove from a sofa. And don’t shy away from rusted chrome. As long as it hasn’t pierced the surface, its shine can be brought back to life with a little elbow grease, CLR, rubber gloves and a Scotchbrite sponge.

QUICK FIX: Reupholster cushion & spray paint for a $7 find.

If you’re doing some serious furniture shopping, like for a bed or a buffet, then have a friend with a pickup truck help you pick up your purchases. Simple items like side chairs, accent tables or artwork can easily fit into a small car. Sometimes though, you may need to consider disassembling it, so do have some tools kept handy in the trunk. Other items to have handy are: masking tape & newspaper to secure glass, a sheet or blanket to avoid damaging your seats, cords to tie-down items to the roof or secure trunk hatch, and hand sanitizer to clean dirt off your hands.

BARGAINING OPPORTUNITY: Bring cash & flash a $10

No Tag? No Problem: Name your own deal.

ON TREND: CANING (House Beautiful feature)

ON TREND: MORACCAN STYLE (Holly Becker style feature on
All this find needs is some over sized floor cushions and glossy painted lanterns to change the look of your space!

Some locations offer special deals on special days for additional discounts. Check with your local establishment or online to
It’s a dirty job… but someone’s gotta do it!
What are some of YOUR best tips for shopping thrift?
 Happy Thrifting!



  1. I just found a fabulous thrift store in our area the other day... I only had 20 minutes at the time, but I can't wait to go back! These are some great tips, and I'm inspired by so many of your thrifty re-works! Thanks, Lynda!

  2. You're so very welcome Anon!
    How exciting! A NEW thrift venture!
    K.I.T. and let me know of your finds...

    :D Lynda



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