This past Sunday, my sweetie and I wandered into a hidden gem: BOOKS & BOOKS... a bookstore specializing in art & architecture books. They only have three locations here in Florida, one in the Cayman Islands, and an online store. This location, in SoBE, is tucked back off the beaten path on Lincoln Road...

In the bookstore, covers play a crucial role.

While I was prepping this post, I saw a tweet: "In E-Book Era, You Can’t Even Judge a Cover" (NYTimes post here), and that got me thinking... If books do furnish a room, how could we furnish a room with a Kindle? You can't stack a Kindle. You can't fill shelves with them. You can't use as a riser for your favorite dish or to highlight flowers. You can't cover a table, or make a table from them. You can't even up-cycle an old Kindle into a clock like Danny Seo (HERE) did from a book yesterday on NBC TODAY SHOW.

Goodwill Store Lighting

Even the cases the books come in are recreated into visual wonders...

J Crew Autumn Tree of Books Window 2009

Danny Seo Book Light

I sure do hope the Kindle and Saturday's intro of the iPad don't destroy the book industry like iPod did to vinyl or like outsourcing did to Fashion... I'd so miss disappearing in an aisle on the floor in Barnes & Nobels.... I'd miss sitting with coffee and flipping through magazines at Borders Books... and I'd miss wondering into rooms in Books & Books...

What are ways you use books in your home?

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