Thankfully, modern is becoming so much more approachable. A fantastic example of this approachability is one of the features in ELLE DECOR this month. I love the way the eras, traditions, and minimalism are applied to the space, without shouting  a location, a period of time, or a season. The feature showcases Polo sensation Nacho Figueras family home, located outside of Buenos Aries. I love the combination of textures from the tufted Chesterfield sofa, the sleek leather Marcel Breuer Wassily chair, the classic cowhide Le Corbusier chaise lounge, and even my FAVE: the iconic Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair, all set in a mix of concrete and wood.

But probably the highlight of the feature wasn't that Figuera is the co founder of the Ralph Lauren-sponsored Blackwatch team... It is actually reading about THE FIND OF THE DECADE: According to the article, the cardboard Frank Gehry Wiggle chair was only $2.50 at a Buenos Aires junk shop. Apparently, someone didn't know what they had.

Not every piece is a find.
This classic Le Corbusier chair is the LC2 by Cassina.

The leather-and-steel chairs at either end of the dining table were originally created for the architect's grandfather by Antonio Bonet, one of the architects behind the iconic Butterfly Chair.

The featured space I'm most fond of and drawn to is the Living Room, with its dynamic B&W photography, by Steven Klein, casual collection of books stacked in & on the coffee table, and the welcoming natural light flooding the space.

A beautiful FOCAL POINT is created in the space by
using ceiling height panels in the corner,
to highlight the display of a special sculpture.

Keeping the historic European houses of the pampas in mind, architect Juan Ignacio Ramos applied his artistry into the design of the space and combined stucco, concrete and an indigenous hardwood called incienso to create a true work of art.  (Read and see more of work from Ramos here) 

All photography of this featured article in ELLE DECOR is by
Miguel Flores-Vianna and styled by Carlos Mota.

one last peek...
Can you find two more classics in the photo below?

Leave your answer, along with your thoughts on the space in the comments.

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  1. Beautiful eye candy for sure and I flunk your Monday morning (day light savings time too) quiz because I have no clue!!

  2. Great post. I am longing for minimalism in my overstuffed world.

    I see Mickey...what else am I missing? Love the B&W photos.

  3. LOL... It might be grainy in the photo but, Mickey is sitting on an eames lounge chair, the coffee table is I beleive noguchi (inspired): trying to find out specifics...

    Thanks for visiting!
    :D Lynda

  4. When are we booking flights to Buenos Aires?

  5. ASAP... not only to shop for these vintage finds, but maybe we could pick up some delicioso MALBEC vino!

    :D Lynda



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