Not everyone knows how to start or where to look for ideas and inspirations for thrifting. Some of my experiences have been just instinct and experiencing spontaneity... but some tips I've learned here on line, through blogs and tweets, or through books and magazines. Three sites I've recently discovered in my new online exploring about thrifting have been Flea Market Style, Eddie Ross, and The Elegant Thrifter.

FIND OF THE DECADE: $2.50 Wiggle Chair 
found in a flea market in Buenos Aires, featured in

Flea Market Style offers an array of best practices to use when thrifting: for example, bring cash and dress down for bargaining power. I've learned they are a magazine, but share their tips, best practices, projects, and experiences through their blog on line.

 The Flea Market Style team

Flea Market Style the book

Flea Market Style book photo and find

And than there is Eddie Ross. I never heard of the guy, until this past October watching a Halloween special on HGTV. He had decorated one of three themed houses for a Halloween block party. His style caught my eye, but when I googled him online, I was drawn to his style even more. Being a former visual director & stylist myself for a major department store, I couldn't have been more thrilled to watch his window display come to life in the recent Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge. (also featured in April's ELLE DECOR)

Window by Eddie Ross for Bloomingdale's

One of his Thrifting Tips comes from his experiences with tablescaping: "Assemble your own sets. A lot of times at the flea market, you’ll find smaller sets of forks, spoons and knives. Mix them together for an eclectic look that’s all you". He's also found some wonderful pieces at local flea markets, and shared his DIY's with readers... as well as attends flea markets throughout the country, teaching people tips about thrifting. Hopefully, he'll make it down to South Florida some day. I'd love to meet him.

Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross style

Eddie's secretary AFTER

Eddie's secretary BEFORE

Eddie teaching a crowd of future thrifters of America! 

But probably the most friendly and approachable thrifter I've "found" online has to be Stan Williams. As a matter of fact, I think I found him while tweeting. I've been engaged in several conversations with Stan. Recently, we even even watched and commented about the Oscar Red Carpet fashions together while tweeting. One of my admiration's I have for Stan thrifting style is on his blog: he also includes shots of inspirations from window displays he finds while strolling around New York City. I enjoy getting to vicariously live through his field trips to the Brooklyn Flea (near DUMBO) and also admire he put his talent and experiences into a book: THE FIND.

Stan Williams

Stan's found opportunities

Stan's found objects

found objects transformed into window displays

Stan's book, The FIND.

So be inspired from magazines...

be inspired on line...

then set out to your local thrift,

and seek YOUR find.

Stans approachability enabled me to discover some treasure spots right here in my local area. This chair above, although not purchased by me, was found at Faith Farm Thrift. Although I've heard of it, I only ventured off to it upon a recommendation from Stan. Becuase of regualr trips up there now, I found this great piece for only $4.

What's your latest find?
What are some sources you use for thrifting tips?

Happy Thrifting!


  1. This is a nice piece. My mom use to drag me to thrift stores when I was younger. I never really appreciated the trips until I began studying interior design. Love finding good stuff cheap.


  2. Great post Lynda!! You have an amazing eye... I always love the photos you take of things at your local thrift stores even though you don't buy them! I think you could write a book like your friend Stan! I hope you get to meet Eddie and Jaithan one day soon. They are amazing guys and you all would really hit it off! That Halloween Special on HGTV was filmed in my hometown of Alameda, Ca.
    When they did the tour of the Alameda Pointe Flea Market in Dec. I got to meet and hang out with them and it was a total blast. Everyone who meets them feels the same way. They really are the greatest. It's fun to watch their star rise!!!
    ~xo Therese

  3. Linda,

    You are so kind to mention me. I am so glad that we have met and know that I'll see you in Florida very soon. And La Dolfina is on the money when she says that you have an amazing eye! And that the Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire is wonderful. Many of the inspirational images in the front of my book, THE FIND, are from that very flea market.

    Again, thank you for being such a kind and gracious supporter.


  4. Thanks FP peeps!! I think I got my dad's eye... God i miss him. Yes!! Love the hunt of thrifting too Linda! Yes Therese: watching Eddie is INSPIRING!!! as are you Stan. Maybe we could collaborate The Find II... When is your trip down to FL? Sounds great!

    Thanks for visiting the FP blog...
    :D Lynda

  5. This is right up my alley. I enjoy thrifting. Keep an eye out for items that match your style. If you are a retailer on sites such as or ebay or 1st dibs, always keep updated on current trends. You may spot a vintage piece that can generate significant revenue.

    Mr.Goodwill Hunting

  6. Great tips GWH!! I haven't ventured off to craigslist yet... may check out now b/c of hunting for outdoor wicker chairs to replace ours...
    Thanks for sharing.
    :D Lynda



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