Wondering how you can incorporate the greens of outside into your home for Spring? Why not take pictures? Create your own wall art as a jumping off point to inspire a room revamp. By just taking some shots of greenery out your front or back door, or while walking around your community, you can create some new wall art to refresh a tired room. The Internet has made it even easier to ensure your new works of art are the new focal point in you restyled space.

One season, when restyling our bedroom (just not this year), I wanted a fresh look, but didn't want to use expected flowers to represent Spring. On my way out (one rainy morning) I noticed the 'green' of the foliage right in our front yard... so I grab my camera, and took a few shots. Happy with the results, I sent the two files to Kinko's online to have them enlarged. I finally had new art to re-purpose some old frames I had been hanging on to.

After they were framed, I collected whatever green, black and white decor I had around the house, along with photo clippings for inspiration. After seeing the pieces together, I was easily able to restyle our room, basically at zero cost (just the expense of photo enlargements at Kinko's which I believe was only $30 total for two enlargements at 15" x 20"). Since the photos were an odd size to fill the existing matt space, I also purchased two mirrored card-stock boards from my local craft store. For an extra pop of color, I add in some fresh cut greens to the vases...

Positioning this black framed mirror opposite of the window
helped to reflect more light around the room.

Added greens into Master Bath as well to flow the spaces...

Table runners gave plain white euro pillows
a banded detail in green.


Going green with photos doesn't have to stop just in the home...
Even the blog here and FOCAL POINT Facebook fanpage
have gotten refreshed with greens for Spring...

Photos used for quad I captured in NYC at the Pergola in Central Park.

What do you think?


What are some ways you refresh your home for Spring?


  1. I think I remember this from RMS. Its so good to know simple arrangements can make a big difference.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Very fun and springy!

    My favorite away to refresh my home is picking/buying fresh flowers! Nothing says "spring" like a handful of tulips or a bouquet of gerber daisies :)

  3. You are amazing!!! I always love seeing your rooms! Thanks for always telling us how to do it and guiding us through! You are awesome! You and a few others gave me the motivation to start my own blog. I would love for you to stop by!

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  5. You are truly a gift from God!!! I cant thank you enough for brightening my days. I am absolutely thrilled "we" now have FOCAL POINT. I no longer have to wait months on end to see what you have done on RMS. I'm pretty sure the numbers for their daily visits have dropped. ....dwellings

  6. Love it! Ok... I'm dying to know where you got those great B&W throw pillows on the bed!

  7. Any which way you have done your bedroom it is always amazing!~ I really an digging the green with the it an exotic feel and you being in Florida this is perfect as always the work you do:)

  8. THANK YOU for your kind compliments!! Glad to read you're inspired! Yes GWH - this was on RMS. This set up is only ONE of the versions I've been able to restyle our home with. Currently, it's black white and YELLOW, inspired by the local flavors of Black beans, White Rice and corn... lol

    Michelle: the larger b&w pillows are covers found in Ikea. The smaller ones... I actually don't remember, but I'll figure it out and let you know!

    Thanks for stopping by Focal Point =)



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