I remember when I first starting thrifting (way back in the early nineties), Goodwill stores were dimly lit, kinda dirty, and drab. The only people shopping there were the Goth teens looking for a leather trench (hello) and people who shopped out of necessity on tight budgets. Well not anymore baby! (At least not down here in South Florida!)

Fun idea for re-purposing books into a chandelier
over the reading area at Taft

reading area over at Hallandale

Goodwill stores have been opening up with even more fabulous & fashionable visual presentation than some department stores I know of (NOT mentioning any names)...

Clever & EZ to shop merchandising

Such creativity! Such impact! and so Fun! of coarse you'd be proud to say you got it at Goodwill!

Two of the newest locations in my area now actually have a visual team visiting the stores to update the displays and set-ups. 

So clean, bright and spacious...

Does your neighborhood Goodwill look this GOOD???!!!

Goodwill's got Goodvisual!

When they had first opened, (before I was blogging)
they had a HUGE canopy of collected shopping bags
suspended in the main window at Taft...
but unfortunately, it's since been removed....

These two locations I visited were in Broward located a
and although they do occasionally receive furniture donations, these stores are both primarily clothing, shoes, books, bags, and accessories.

Happy Thrifting!


  1. Your goodwill looks like a high end department store, so no ours does not look that good, not bad though!

  2. WOW, Florida has nice GWs.......ours not so much.

  3. I miss the old days of Goodwill. (15 years ago) I used to buy chairs for $8.00 each. No matter what they looked like. The plates were taped together in sets. 60 cents for the stack of dinner plates, and 30 cents for the stack of salad plates. Now ours is almost all clothes. I rarely go. I have my other favorites now.

  4. Lynda,
    I enjoy reading your posts ~ my husband and I love going to yard sales & thrift shops! I want that Gold Mirror! ;0)

  5. Hey ladies!! Thanks for the comments and sharing your experiences at Goodwill! I agree the stores have developed into department-store competition... BUT: they did so maintaining their affordable price point integrity.

    Kelly: what a throw-back! I totally remember those finds! It was like ding-ding-ding: jackpot!! Having it now be a place to be able to "go to" for clothing shopping isn't so bad. My last trip I found a great SZ4 fitted LizC jacket with mini grommet trim for a mere $5 (and it was already dry-cleaned too!)

    Hopefully, the Florida stores are starting a new trend and maybe your GW's will convert too.

    :D Lynda



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