March Modern Madness continues with eye candy for this weeks Photos For Friday... Modern interior designs from the fashion world and modern day style from the Style Icon Ralph Lauren. Yes, even Ralph Lauren incorporates modern streamline looks into his designs. Mostly he has been inspired from his personal car collection (which is a similar thought process to Le Corbusier).
Featured here is a collection of his work, I've collected through magazine clippings and photos found online.  Although by no means have I copied or claim to be similar to, but through the years, Ralph Lauren has taught me about style and inspired my style ... enJOY.

Some featured photos by: Pieter Estersohn

This was the ad that caught my eye,
and began my fasination with Ralph Lauren.

God I LOVE Ralph Lauren!!

What do you like about his style?
Do you have any of the above interior featured items?
Send a photo to my email with your story of a RL inspiration
to be featured in an upcoming post.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies...
(and any blog browsing gents!)


  1. absolutely , love ralph lauren //// all my walls use his paints. Even though the stores always try to persuade you that the paint quality is not the best , No- One does colors like Ralph! Bravo Lynda

  2. Hey Natalie!! thanks for visiting from LinkedIn! Our home is also painted with ALL RL paint... The first photo in the post is from his Urban loft collection, which is the pallet we have and I L*O*V*E.

    However, his paint is no longer available through Home Depot - it was dropped this past January to bring in Martha Stewart paint.... who ironically just debuted her product line the other day (I think I saw the tweet Thursday).

    Glad you enjoyed the post... Thanks for commenting.
    :D Lynda

  3. What a GREAT collection of images and inspirations from such a fabulous creative talented man. Love the vintage look, and yet the edgy modern flair to some of the furniture is just as appealing. I guess I just love it all. Thanks.

  4. sooo loving your blog. definitely some great inspiration!!!!


  5. Thanks Developing Designs and ashlina!!
    It's been nice to finally have a place to share all these clippings I've saved (as many of us have). Glad you're inspired and liking the blog...

    Thanks for stopping by the FP!

    :D Lynda

  6. Ralph Lauren.
    Ummm about 80% percent of my dress shirts have his label on them. His bowties...socks...even his home collection. Some pieces are out of my budget right now, but theres always I mean theres a sale.

    Mr.Goodwill Hunting

  7. oh no , dropped from home depot . how terrible, i was going to go buy some paint this weekend , will need deff need to find another place to purchase!



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