Looking for a little inspiration to tackle your outdoor living space with? Need to revamp an existing outdoor space? Or even start one to begin with? Your biggest inspiration for outdoors can actually be taken from indoors: your accessories. Maybe your outdoor space is already the ideal escape, but it still needs a few extra touches or a focal point. Whether it's a pillow, a lantern, an umbrella or some stylish table settings, the smallest extras can create big impact. Here's a few tips found on &, as well as my collection of clippings to get you going on this being the first week of Spring!

Create some container gardens for your space. This is an excellent source of color inspiration. Check you areas zones to see what color assortment will work best in your setting.... and go from there! 

Some other accessory inspirations are to highlight the colors in your outdoor area by using coordinated containers, pillows, and bright colored chairs. Inspiration found at Tie-dye and solid curtain panels define a soothing oasis beneath a second-story deck. Easy projects, such as embellished pillar candles, and a coffee table decorated with wood trivets lend flavor to this exotic, temporary getaway. also suggests slipping stretchy bead bracelets (from an import store) around pillar candles. Be sure lit candles don't burn too close to the bracelets. I for one can't wait to try this!! Or what about this trick found at Martha Paint wood discs and rings (from a crafts store), drill two small holes in each, and thread on fishing line to make your own hanging accents, a bargain alternative to ready-made wood and capiz-shell strands.

Your outdoor are will be highlighted when using those coordinated containers, pillows, plants and painted chairs. But you can also add a little sparkle with glass bottles for a centerpiece. Group together a cluster of fresh cut greens or color coordinated flowers. An alternative to clear glass bottles can be to use galvanized pales, colored glass bottles, recycled tins or baskets to contain your arrangement.


Dress your table with tropical colored and natural place mats layered over a patterned cloth or fabric (Tip: Even a patterned shower curtain can be used as a cloth on a bistro table). Complete your look with some coordinating and unbreakable acrylic tableware or finally put to use that stash of colorful Fiesta-ware you've had buried in the buffet for too long... Even oversized leaves can make unusual & natural coasters on your table.



This is just the beginning of a new season. I'd imagine most of us have to first clean-up from the previous season (dead leaves, weeds, and over-grown existing plants). Fortunately, Florida weather enabled me to get motivated to start my outdoor cleanup this weekend...


No matter your location, be it a spacious rooftop in the City, the vast countryside, a luxury estate you can creates zones and nooks in, or just a small space in the back of a town home... hopefully these clippings can inspire you you to take another look at your outdoor retreat.

What are some things you do to get you motivated & inspired, cleaned up outside, and keep you focused?

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Gorgeous spaces..........makes me wish I lived in a warm climate!! Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks Jill!! I wish it was warm today: cold and raining in (sunny) South Florida...
    Go Figure!

    :D Lynda



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